Alfa Romeo introduced the 1600cc version of the Giulietta at the Auto Salon Geneva in March 1963, it would now be known as the Giulia SS. With a drag coefficient of only 0.28 its ''Disco Volante'' styling by Bertone was years before its time and was regarded by many as the prettiest small-capacity coupe ever to be built. The pure aerodynamics which were applied to the design resulted in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale having very low wind noise at high speeds and a top speed of over 120mph. This was all obtained from the 1570cc twin cam engine with twin Weber 45DCOE carburettors producing 112bhp.

Offered from an eclectic collection of cars where it has resided since 2001, this often-overlooked Italian sportscar has been the subject of its second restorative works carried out under the supervision of its enthusiastic owner. This 1967 car is believed to be one of just 14 original righthand drive cars ever made with the exotic Bertone styling. It is accompanied by a duplicate Buff Log Book picking up from around 1971 in Blackpool with what we understand to be its second owner. It then passed through two private hands in the Chester area before appearing again in August 1974 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then again in 1979 now in Chicago, Illinois. By 1989, the car was once again offered for sale. Sadly, it was being offered in a sorry state described as having a pranged left front wing and a damaged nose. The advertisement continued that it would not be a difficult repair for a qualified restorer and so Ian James of Surrey purchased the car and repatriated it back to the UK whereupon a thorough restoration was conducted, costing in excess of £30,000 with many invoices to prove.

Some years later, the car was then acquired by our vendor in Northamptonshire, and 12 years into his ownership, it was again restored, this time receiving a complete bare-metal respray and general cosmetic improvements. The car still retains a pleasing patina, and one may choose to continue to improve it as they use it.

We can honestly say that this car boasts one of the most interesting and complete history files we have seen in a long time, and piecing together the past of this car with much correspondence between previous owners has been a delight. This is a very good and rare SS Alfa Romeo that is a pleasurable and rewarding drivers' car given its light controls and competition derived handling. Very few classics have this ability to tour so effortlessly, efficiently and in such style!