F o r S a l e
1960 Alfa Romeo
Giulietta Spider Veloce
ASKING PRICE $32,000 or Best Offer
New Equipment
* 1,500 miles on New Engine
* New Radiator
* New Tires - Pirelli P400 185/65 15
* Newly Rebuilt Tachometer
* All Brake Cylinders Re-Sleeved with Brass by White Post Restorations
* New Seat Covers
What it Is
What Makes a Veloce Special
In Italian the word “veloce” means fast. Before the 1970’s there was a very real difference in the Alfa Veloce models: they were faster than the standard Alfas. Some examples of how Alfa Romeo made the engine more powerful: •Dual side-draft Weber carburetors (essentially providing a carburetor for each of the 4 cylinders) •Header Exhaust System (each exhaust port has a separate pipe with smooth bends - increasing the high-end power of the engine) •Ram Cold-air Intake (provides higher-pressure colder air [more oxygen] for combustion - more oxygen means a bigger bang). The factory achieved a 29% increase in power output compared to the stock engine. During the four years of production (1959 through ‘63), less than 2,100 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce's were produced making this classic a rare find.
Some Provenance
I have owned this car for the last 25 years. I purchased it in Ben Lomond, California, September 28, 1985. On April 8th, 2009 I sent an email inquiry about this car to Alfa Romeo in Italy.
On April 23rd I received the following reply: April 23, 2009
With reference to your request we are informing you as follows. According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1495.10201 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, manufactured on the 3rd June 1960 and sold on the 30th October 1961 to Hoffman Motor Car Co., New York, U.S.A. The body colour is sky blue with black interiors. Yours, Sincerely,
(name and address available upon request)
So, it could be called a 1960 or a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce. Most documentation I have seen says this chassis number is a 1960.
25 years ago, when I purchased this car, it was dead: the engine had been severely modified and was burning oil in huge blue clouds, the transmission was thrashed, and the suspension was modified to uselessness (an attempt had been made to make it into a dragster - bizarre).
In 1985, I had the engine rebuilt to factory specifications and balanced (when purchased, it had oversized pistons that increased its displacement to 1510 cc), and I replaced the transmission with a 1967 5-speed. I also replaced the shocks, springs, and anti-sway bars.
•Shocks are KONI adjustable tie-downs, and are still in fabulous condition
•Springs are very stiff and are almost two inches shorter than stock
•anti-swaybars are oversized (approximately one and a half times the original diameter)
The wheels are Panasports special-ordered for this car (almost identical to the wheels Alfa Romeo used when racing in the ‘60’s). The spare is a “widened” stock wheel that still fits in the area behind the seats.
1,500 Miles Ago
NEW Enginethe engine was completely rebuilt again by Terry Tinney at Performance Motors (2135-K South Vasco Road, Livermore, CA 94550). A new engine block was used. The original block - and MANY other spare parts - are available for whoever purchases this car. New Radiator Not because it needed it, but because it was the right thing to do while the engine was being rebuilt New Tires Pirelli 185/65 P400s - They have the exact same circumference as the original tires. New Roof (not installed) Still in the box, a new Robbins convertible roof made especially for this model. Carburetors Rebuilt by Gron Parry - Weber Specialist and SCCA Carburetion Instructor Tachometer Rebuilt by Palo Alto Speedometer - I replaced the tachometer cable when it started making noise, but it wanted more than just a new cable. Now it has a new cable and a rebuilt gauge. New Seat Covers Exceptionally well crafted by my wife to fit these seats. Only needed on the passenger side (seat bottom is split), but each seat has a matching cover (black w/white piping). Rebuilt Brake Hydraulic Cylinders All of the four wheel cylinders as well as the Master Cylinder have been re-sleeved with brass by White Post Restorations. •NO RUST
•ALL external and instrument lights work
•ALL-ORIGINAL, working Veloce gauges
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