1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale
s/n AR308473
White with Butterscotch Interior

Between 1963 and 1966 just 1,400 aerodynamic and highly stylized Sprint Speciale were built. A spin off of the radical `BAT series` cars, and more developed than the earlier Giuletta model, the Giulia was equipped with a slightly larger 800cc DOHC engine and front disc brakes. All Sprint Speciales are equipped with the desirable twin Weber carburetor setup, as a Sprint Veloce would be.

This car is best described as a good, straight, `driver` which is in need of absolutely nothing mechanically. Having been a regular vintage racing participant with HMSA, General Racing, and CSRG, this is a well sorted car which has faithfully served its owner both as a weekend driver and as a racecar. The current owner ALWAYS drove the car to and from race events at Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Coronado, and Thunderhill. Additionally, this car was shown at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley, 2006.

The motor was rebuilt with Carrello 20,000 miles ago by Alfa expert Conrad Stevenson. Both the transmission and brake system were rebuilt, and much other work performed by Angelo Panari of Imported Motor Service in San Francisco, California. Currently the car has absolutely no immediate needs mechanically.  

The cosmetic condition of this example is in keeping with a very nice racecar. The paint work is more than presentable from just a few feet away, but up close, careful inspection will reveal flaws in way of use marks, ageing, and paint work. The chrome is straight throughout, but showing some weathering and hazing. The panel match is good, with even gaps and solid door shut, suggesting that this car is accident free. Sprint Speciales are famous for rust. This car has a rather minor amount, compared with others we have handled. Rust spots are limited to small areas behind the rear wheels, in front of the passenger`s door, on the driver`s door, and around the rear bumper. We stress that rust is common on Sprint Speciales, and the rust present on this car is fairly minimal.

Much, if not all of the interior upholstery is believed to be original. The seats, door panels, and lower dash area are all showing pleasant patina appropriate for the cars age and mileage. The upper dash is excellent, and is without any shrinkage or tears. All the factory gauges and switches are in place. This car has a bolt in roll bar for use in historic racing, which can be removed with just 16 bolts. All the panels in the rear portion of the interior which have been removed to accommodate the roll bar come with the car and are unmodified. The headliner is original, and shows some discoloration and slight saging, but no tears.

The engine compartment is in keeping with a good `driver`, and is complete with the impossible to replace twin Weber cast aluminum airbox. The trunk, like the rest of the car, is unrestored, but presentable, and solid. The underside is fairly solid, and does not show signs of past rust repair. 

With the car comes receipts for the current ownership period (from 1990 to present) outlining work completed. This car is ideal for a buyer looking for an interesting and trouble free vintage race car which could double as a daily driver. Very few cars can achieve this. With cars of this era appreciating, it is those of limited production, like the Sprint Speciale, which will enjoy the most significant increases in value.