Typ: 10118

Chassis: 390643

Engine: AR00121*02306*

 This is (from memory) the correct engine code for veloce and guilia SS, and I believe the original engine fitted.

 The hardtop is steel, and I have therefore always assumed it was a works item. Where would Farina have located a serial number on it? I have never used it and it is currently in my spares storage, so any clues of where to look gratefully recieved!!

 As I think I mentioned, the car was imported from Germany, and the factory identification plate is in German. It has no indicator repeater lights on the front wings at all, and has never been fitted with them.

Also no external mirrors have ever been fitted to it, and when acquired, the rear light lenses were all ruby in colour, in other words the indicators showed red. I have since fitted lenses which show the indicators amber.

The car hasn't been used for some twelve months as I have been finishing off a vintage Riley sports/racer that I have been building for more years than I care to recall!! When I next dig it out for a run I will take some fresh photos and post them. It is roadworthy, but a bit scruffy, though mostly original including upholstery, carpets/mats and badges. I am no concourse fiend, and would worry about enjoying driving it if it was too shiny.

Having owned a 'normale' in the past (though one that had been fitted with DCOE40 webers) I can thoroughly endorse the view that the Veloce is a very different experiance. It's just so much nicer to push hard and so much more responsive to throttle input. I hope I manage to hang on to it for another 25 years, and then give it to one of my sons.