This is a Euro (LHD) equipped car with exception of sealed beam headlights and red tail lights. It has Italian instruments,
Italian license mounts: IE squarish frame, no airplane, on rear. I located a stainless steel under bumper mount like in Italia for the
front and have a set of Roma plastic temporary plates.
The car is currently disassembled and on my rotisserie. I am removing undercoating and glue but purposely leaving areas
untouched where original blue wax pencil marks appear. "104", and someone's name, is hand written on door metal, hood and chassis
and on the dash the same appears with a bright green "Dot", about 2 1/4" diameter, and in blue, "Veloce". All this will be covered when
upholstery goes in.
I am probably going to paint the car the same original white, and fabric/vinyl interior, but really am tempted to go with
dark blue and tan leather. I saw a photo of a beautiful Sprint Bill Gilham was doing, and fell for it, big time.
There is a still bit of sheet metal repair to do on rusted or previously modified areas on the floors and firewall.
The running gear will be original (numbers matching) with the exception of a 1400 kit, fifth gear and lower diff ratio from
a normale. Norman Racing has done the head work. I am re-using the original cams (with the hand written part number). They are in great shape.
I would like to replace springs and sway bar with aftermarket units. (Know a source?) I have NOS, Konis, already.