Actually the car was leased and then purchased by my late friend Dan Escudero. He annd Diana lived and worked in Roma and brought the car over to
the States in 1967. It is a US model. It was repainted after a crash around 1974 or 1975. Otherwise unmolested, except for rust and minor
damage, worn out running gear, etc. when I bought it from Dan around 1983. (Dan passed away around 1995)
I rebuilt (Dave Vegher, actually) the motor, Anton Weber did the transmission, and I had it in decent running condition. The rust scares me, so it is currently
parked and will be my next project for the rotisserie.
The car is complete, and I have been getting stuff together for the restoration (including those whiskers I got from you).
It is such a pretty car in red, I will definitely re-do it in the original scheme.
When in Roma, the car was stolen and taken on an Italian joy-ride at least once. Possibly more times. It is a real survivor.