Vehicle Description

WOW, THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD TO DESCRIBE!! I'm selling my dream of the last 20 years, in kit form! We've had this car for over 30 years. It has never been on the road, since we bought it. When we got it, it wasn't running and had been badly treated. We stored it for many years in various locations. One winter, the barn it was stored in, collapsed due to snow load! The Alfa's roof was crushed, making the restoration even harder. I started to considered the idea of rebodying it to an SVZ. Essentially this is how the first SVZ was created. A badly crashed car was sent to Zagato and the first SVZ was born. I spoke to knowledgable people about sending it to Zagato or Galbiati's. I never managed to find to funds to do it. Maybe someone out there has the ability to finish my dream project. Most of the mechanical parts are included. I will make every effort to find as much as I can to make the car complete. I don't have the original Weber 40DCO3 carbs. I was planning to use later carbs. The original serial numbered engine is included and a 750 tunnel case transmission. The engine has the aluminum Veloce sump and I have the correct Veloce headers. In a separate auction, there is an NOS nose panel. I listed it separately, because if the buyer wants to build the car as an SVZ, the steel nose isn't needed. If the buyer wants to restore this as the original Sprint Veloce, then bid on the nose panel, as well. The nose panel will sell 10-15 minutes after the car auction ends. The chassis number is AR1493*06476 and the engine is AR1315*30853. The Bertone body number ends with an "A", which I understand meant that this car was built as a "Comfortavole", rather than the lightweight version. I'm sure that I've forgotten things that I should have mentioned. Ask questions and I will post the replies. The car is stored in a corner of my garage, so the photos do not show everthing. If you have a particular concern, I will try to take other photos, but eBay seems to post later photos in a smaller format, so it may not help.I have included two photos of the SVZ design that I wanted to re-create.The car is in Connecticut, USA. If you are close by, or want to send a representative, I will be happy to show the car. Thanks for looking!!