According to the Alfa Romeo Automobilismo Storico files, this Alfa Romeo was finished August 4, 1960, as a genuine Veloce Spider and finished in the same black it wears today. It was destined for US shores and the Hoffman Motor Car Company in New York. 

The coveted Certificato d’Oro is given to a select few vehicles in concours competition by the Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club (AROC) and, to win this coveted prize, a car must receive a score of 95 or greater in AROC national competition. This Giulietta Spider Veloce achieved a noteworthy 99.3 at the 2010 AROC National Convention in Portland, Oregon, on its way to winning a Second in Class award. This fabulous Giulietta Spider won the prize at the AROC 100th Anniversary of the Marque meeting where the competition at that auspicious event was formidable. This impressive achievement was even more remarkable as it was not a “fresh from the shop” restoration, but one which had been completed 16 years earlier!

The consignor has owned this Alfa for almost two decades and a few years after acquiring it from Jerry Lucas of Lucas Racing, he engaged restorer Jed Steely to perform a thorough rebuild of the car, with the aim of creating a top show-quality example. The great appeal of a Spider Veloce is spirited driving and it was equally important to the owner that the Giulietta ran as well as it looked. In preparation for its superb but unforgiving rich black paint, expert attention was given to the body of the car. In addition, the engine, suspension, brakes and exhaust were rebuilt, as was the period-correct, five-speed transmission. The interior was re-trimmed to original specifications, all chrome was replated and a new top installed.

At the completion of the work in 1994, the Spider became a favorite of the judges at the New Hope Auto Show, in Pennsylvania, winning First Place awards three years in a row from 1995 through 1997. The Giulietta made a return to New Hope in 2007 where it continued its winning ways with yet another First Place prize.

This beautiful Alfa is accompanied by a jack, tool kit and owner’s manual, as well as restora- tion and maintenance records. Also included with the car are copies of the judging sheets from the 2010 AROC convention documenting the few deductions made and a copy of the club magazine Alfa Owner in which the car is featured at the convention.

For anyone interested in enjoying a brisk morning’s drive, dazzling spectators on a concours lawn or pressing ahead energetically on a 1,000-mile rally, it would be a challenge to find a more suitable open sports car than the one on offer here.