PREVIOUS OWNERS: Lou Comito, dealer/race car driver

Lou Comito was a  a dealer in Huntington,NY who raced the Veloces when Hoffman intro'ed them to the US.

They were pretty famous drivers who owned dealerships-- among them Chuck Stoddard and Gaston Andrey. 

Production date was Feb 21 1958.(???? another anomaly)

Own a piece of history! First, and only, public offering of VIN 1495-02516. I have owned this car from 1982 and it has an impeccable provenance and documentation dating from the initial ownership of the car by Lou Comito who was a renown US dealer and racer from the 50's and 60's out of Huntington, NY who campaigned it for many years directly from when it was delivered to him. It has, as delivered, a 750 engine with all the Veloce components linked to a 5.12 rear axle (as delivered as ordered for short track racing) through a period correct 5 speed transmission. 

In 1984, I finished restoring it to road worthy specifications and it was introduced as the centerpiece of Alfa Romeo North America's display at the 1985 Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. It then subsequently went on to win numerous National Alfa Romeo Owners' Club (USA) Concours d'Elegance awards in Tulsa, OK; Milwaukee,WI, Kansas City,MO and Copper Mountain Colorado.

It is finished in DuPont Centauri dark Red (AR514) with black coin catcher seats with red piping and red wool carpet. This is the one and only respray over the factory finish and NONE of the sheet metal has been replaced with the exception of closing some fastener holes from past racing equipment anchor points . It still retains the original factory undercoating.

Space limitations and other priorities force me to reluctantly part with this car after almost 30 years of ownership.

Shipments abroad will originate at the Port of Boston Massachusetts and I will drop it there and assist in whatever export matters required. Boston has containerization facilities.

Interested parties, may please inquire through PM's and include phone number and best EST to call. I will call internationally. I will not respond on this thread. Photos, price, further details, terms and conditions will forthcome to prospective buyers on a private basis. Thank you for your interest in advance.