PREVIOUS OWNERS: Dr. R Hambridge, David Boyd, J M Evans, Trevor Farrar, Huntsworth (dealer), John Biggs, Graham Turner,

The Sprint Speciale was produced from 1959 until 1962 with just over 1300 cars produced in that time. This car is one of the later Giulietta's, registered in the UK in July of 1962, so probably produced at the beginning of the year. The Giulia Sprint Speciale followed the Giulietta until 1967, with the major change being the replacement of the engine to a 1600cc unit and they look very similar outwardly apart from a few changes to the badges. By the end of 1967 after 8 years this wonderful car dropped out of production, with just over 2,600 cars in left-hand drive produced, making this a rare production car by any standards.

The Sprint Speciale was developed from Bertone's BAT 5, 7 and 9 projects of the mid 1950's using the basics from the superb Giuletta Sprint. These stunning aerodynamic projects really are amazing to see and still look futuristic, especially by today's focus group led car designs. From their experience with these BAT cars Bertone went on to build the Franco Scaglione designed SS at their Gruliasco factory. Scaglione produced a number of truly amazing examples of design, celebrated by all of the major Italian sports manufacturers, but the BAT derived Giulietta SS is surely the most seductive. Bodies were hand produced in steel on production bucks, so the cars were truly hand built.

The current owner understands that 285 XUM was imported to the UK from the factory in 1962, registered for the road in July of that year to its new owner Dr R Hambridge and spent much of its early life in the Yorkshire area, originally sporting the registration mark NNW 705A. The car then passed into the ownership of a David Boyd, being almost certainly the only SS in the Alfa Romeo owners club at the time. Boyd sold the car to J M Evans in October of 1974, at this point said to be in a somewhat neglected state and for a period it wore a cherished number 6 DXW, which the then owner transferred onto his new Alfa in November of 1986, NNW705A being regained.

The body of the Giulietta SS was extensively restored in the ownership of Michael Evans between June 1978 and December 1979 by David A C Royle Coachworks of Darlington and the file with the car shows extensive correspondence between the Principle and the then owner on the quality of the work, which both agreed was to be to the highest standards, with bills in excess of £4000 at the time which was a significant amount of money. The evidence is in the car to see to this day. Restoration continued in the ownership of Michael Evans through 1984 where Pearsons of Pilling painted and detailed the body. Michael Evans completed the restoration of the car following the repaint and used it sparingly for a period of five years.

The SS was then sold by Mr Evans to Trevor Farrar of London, who completed a new interior for the car and then sold it in 1989 to well known London dealer Huntsworths, then onto Manxman John Briggs in the Isle of Man in May of 1989 (following an extensive mechanical rebuild) for the sum of £24,500 which at the time was substantial, reflecting how good the car was even them. John Briggs maintained the car fastidiously and the history file carries invoices in excess of £10,000, including a complete engine rebuild with specialists Alfaman of Park Royal in London plus all of the normal maintenance and repair that one would expect on a cherished car.

The SS resided on the Island between 1989 and 2006, bearing the registration number U45 MAN and a cherished plate UMN 40. In July 2006 the car returned to the UK into the hands of Graham Turner, gaining its current number 285 XUM. The current owner, a well known historic rallyist with a long term love of Alfa's acquired 285 XUM in July of 2010 and the car has been regularly and reliably used since then, and making regular appearances across the UK at motoring events including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Revival where it attracts a lot of attention.

This is possibly the best Alfa Giulietta SS in the country, bought by the owner after a 10 year search to find the best example he could. It is a highly original, `no-stories` car that is totally rust free and beautifully presented, with just 40,000km from new and with stunning futuristic styling by Italian coachbuilder Bertone.

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