From Matt Hamilton on : I think it’s pretty good. If you wanted to just drop a running engine in it, do the brakes, lube the suspension and get the electrical parts working you’d have a roadworthy rough SS. Kinda cool. The dash, headliner and all is pretty good, the door panels are out of the car but could be sympathetically installed to achieve the RSS ‘Ratty Sprint Speciale’ look. The engine you can see propped in it is a blank Veloce block, the crank is out and one of the main caps is missing. The seller says he has more boxes of SS stuff ‘somewhere’ but I would either plan on an align bore or write the block off going into the deal if I didn’t see it. The intake manifold, 40DCOE2′s and plenum are correct for 1300 101 Veloce and I found the fuel pump blank off plate, Marelli distributor, engine front over with aluminum fan etc, so there is a lot of value in what is present. Personally I’d throw a known good 1600 or 1750 in it and keep these bits on the shelf for the ‘restoration’ while I drive it around.