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Hi Matt. Thank you for posting this. First of all this was a great discovery for me and I am very proud that this car did not end up in a scrapyard. The new owner is a great person and a good friend now and I am sure that he will bring the car back to its former glory.

I sell classic and exotic cars all around the world and never felt better for a car. Not even when I sold a Lamborghini Miura.
Some answers to your questions: The wheels on the other side are the original ones, there is rust but it is not as bad as I expected in the first place. The box contained some switches for the wipers and headlights, finally the value of the car can reach and exceed 100.000Euros. Of course the cost of rebuilding the car from this stage will cost A LOT of money.

I am sure that the new owner will be happy to tell you more but I will leave it with him.
The best part of this is the fact that as I mentioned earlier the new owner is a good friend now so I hope that someday I will go for a drive with this car.
You did a great job with this site here.

I hope that I will find some more cars out there!
Best Regards