PREVIOUS OWNERS: Roland Boni, Rovetta

Information came via : Update 6/13/11: Elmar emailed me to tell me this is Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00061, that it is in biancospino and that the asking price is 125,000 Euro’s. Not a bad price for a very rare car! The fact that it is a late Low-nose and in aluminum creates more questions than it answers. My car was homologated chassis 10120 00061 ASI (Italian historian Automotoclub) in 1979 as the aluminum version. It ‘a vehicle used for different races with gentlemen drivers Roland Boni, Brescia, Italy Gianfranco Rovetta, and has its original Italian plates. The price is 165000 euros. SS Low nose, the time has Jaeger tachometer, Sz type seats, Nardi steering wheel and Campagnolo wheels

August 26, 2011 at 11:44 am said: yes … the car was finished in July 2011 to restore, and is now on sale … has been totally renovated by a renowned restorer of northern Italy by Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is running out and that I also restored the Giulietta SZ 10126 00051.

I’ve got the car since 1994 and is approved by ASI (Italian historian Automotoclub) since 1987, when I bought it was red, but under average conditions, and in 1999 I started to restore it fully maintaining the original pieces of aluminum, while the nose has been completely rebuilt as a result of numerous repairs made.


My Nose Giulietta SS was always low in Italy and was built by an engineer of AlfaRomeo Roland Boni, who held it a year and then sold it to a gentleman drivermister Rovetta of Brescia, who used her for some uphill races includingLumezzane the trophy in 1960. Then it was sold to other people to join up in 1984in the collection of a noted collector of classic cars from Brescia that thehomologous ASI (Italian Automotoclub town) in 1987.
Approval ASI goes to whether the car has the original engine and chassis checkingthe car history.
The number of new motor was 00120 00051 but was replaced in 1960 by Alfa Romeo as a result of a problem and replaced with an equal numbering but with 00 120 01 034 (as specified by the type also Asi).
The car is still in my possession and the Auction will go to Monte Carlo May 12, 2012 Giulietta SZ frame with my 10 126 00 051 00 175 motor
Sure of having given information like Yours faithfully 

Omero Ghirelli