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Dear Mister Conner,

with reference to your request we are informing you as follows.

According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 390417 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce (101.18), engine series AR 00121, manufactured on the 3rd March 1965 and sold on the 2nd July 1965 to Alfa Romeo Germany, Frankfurt.

The body colour is sky blue, with black interiors.

AR 00526 is the series related to the 1600 cc Giulia engine (Giulia Super)

I purchased a 65 Veloce from a friend of mine way back in 68 or 69. I'm not sure about the date. I was stationed in a small German village from 68 to late 69. Right after getting the Alfa the head gasket blew and I ended up rebuilding the engine in my hotel room. That's right in my hotel room as we lived on the economy. Long story short I ended up shipping my Alfa home in Nov. of 69. I drove it a few years and the rust started and I got married and you know the rest of the story. That was about 30 years ago! Now I need to decide to either restore or sell. I had started the rust replacement, I.E. rocker panels and the rear wheel arch on both sides. Found the under side channels were rusted pretty bad and had new ones made and welded in too.
I tried to look up the body and engine numbers on the link I saw listed in this forum but it seems to not be working. If anyone would like to hear the rest of the story let me know, as I don' want to bore your guys.
It's was a love affair from the first RED Alfa Spider I sit in as a 16 yr old !!!!!
Dam she was a beauty ! And the dual over head cams you didn't see just everyday back in the early 60's.

As I'd said in the first posting the Spider Veloce was my first Alfa and I drove it all over Germany in the 60's and it was Heaven!!!!!!!

My best friend had a 65 super 90 and I always beat him to the next village. And a German friend that had a new Triumph and he couldn't keep up either. ahhhh those were the days!! 

After I returned from Germany with my Veloce which was built as a power blue, I repainted it Poppy Red. At the time I couldn't find Alfa Red paint. For me Alfa's have to be Red! Your Alfa Veloce looks great and brings back memories. I was a dummy and replaced the european head lights with seal beams and didn't save them. Off topic but in reading about the 65 veloce I read something that had always worried me. I always felt the brakes were soft. I narrowed it down to the front discs and found the calipers would expand when pressure was applied. Well somewhere I read that this was just how they were on the 65. But the brakes always did the job. I was running about a 160Kph in Germany and all of the sudden a German road worker walked out of no were and I managed to stop about a foot side ways right in front of him. He said German words I'd never heard before. lol 
Way back then the Tire to run was the Michelin Xas's best tires I've ever owned. I'm sure they played a part in my not hitting the poor guy too.


You are viewing a very rare "barn find" example of a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider "Veloce" - European model # 101.18  Originally sky blue with black interior.  The Alfa has been stored for the past 40 years.  The Alfa shows 67,519 Kilometers (45,000 miles).    Vehicle id # AR 390417.  Engine # AR 00121*01950.  The Alfa is essentially complete and will require a full restoration.    The Alfa is essentially complete and comes with the original correct 1600 Veloce Engine.  The drive train is currently out of the car.   I am offering up this very rare Veloce so that I can concentrate on finishing my Giulietta Spider restoration. 

This very rare Veloce is the last production year of the Giulia Spider series, which some consider to be the best of the Giulietta & Giulia Models.  With Giulia & Giulietta SS prices ranging from 100-200K, the Giulietta & Giulia Veloces are not far behind.  With that stated, this Giulia Spider Veloce represents a wonderful opportunity to do a full restoration.  The original "Sky Blue" color is rare in itself, let alone on a Giulia Veloce, plus it's a "European Version" - truly a rare example.  Once finished in it's original color, this Giulia Veloce will be priceless, especially since it is such a rare color, and is not "Red".   Since it costs about the same to restore a "Normale", why not invest your money in a super rare Veloce that will be worth at least three times more and will continue to appreciate nicely.  I have priced this Veloce within the reach of most Alfa enthusiasts, so if you thought you could never afford a true "Veloce", now is your chance!

I received the following email from the Alfa Romeo Archives:

with reference to your request we are informing you as follows.

According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 390417 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce (101.18),  engine series AR 00121 manufactured on the 3rd March 1965 and sold on the 2nd July 1965 to Alfa Romeo Germany, Frankfurt.

The body colour is sky blue, with black interiors.


Yours, Sincerely,


 Marco Fazio

I purchased the Alfa from a US serviceman that had purchased the Alfa in Germany and brought it back to the States in 1968.  Once back in the US, it was repainted from it's original sky blue color to the red that is shown in the pictures.  It was driven for a few years, and then it was taken off the road in 1972.  The body had started to rust, and an amateur restoration was started.  The drive train was removed at the time, and the owner's brother who was a welder by trade, started welded up the Veloce.  New inner rocker panels were welded in as well as the frame structure.  The exterior rockers were done as well, but not the best work.  The driver's side floor replacement was started, with only a portion being completed.  This work is quite crude, and the floors will need a full replacement anyway.  No other work had been done on the Alfa, and it sat un touched for the past 40 years.  The trunk shows the typical rust and will need to be replaced - both corners are rusted out - including where the bumper corner mounts.  Both rear quarter panels were crudely repaired as shown in the pictures.  The body is very solid, and the panel fit is very good including both doors.  There is no evidence of accident repair.  The nose panel fits very nicely including the grill, eyebrows & bumpers.  The headlight trim rings fit nicely as well. 

The interior shows an original dash that has not been hacked up.  It has never had a radio installed as shown in the pictures.  The original dash had been covered with contact paper which actually protected the original dash.  The gauges are all the original European gauges with a 220 KPH Speedometer.  The original seats are in remarkable condition - with no rips or tears.  I have the original keys.  All knobs and switches are present except for the cigarette lighter.  Both window cranks and door handles are present and all in working condition.  As you can see in the pictures, the windshield is cracked.  The original steering wheel is in nice condition including the horn button. 

The original 1600 Veloce Engine and Transmission were taken apart as part of the restoration plan.  Obviously not the best plan.  Most of the parts have been accounted for and will be documented to the best of my ability.  Many parts are currently boxed up so the list may not be complete. 

1.  Correct Veloce Block # AR 00121*01950, pistons, con rods, crankshaft, oil pan.

2   Cylinder head & cam cover, correct Veloce intake & carbs.  Veloce cams.

3.  Transmission case & components, clutch, pressure plate & flywheel.  Transmission cross member.  Shifter & knob.

4.  Starter motor, generator, gas tank, distributor.

5.  Chrome trim for hood scoop.

6.  Radiator

7.  Driveshaft (2 piece)

8.  Rear bumper (3 pieces)

Misc information:  Spare tire, hubcaps & air box are missing.  Left front tire does not hold air.  Driver's side only has one seat track.  Windshield is cracked.  Eyebrows are not secured completely in place due to broken mounting studs.

As stated, the Alfa has been stored and unused for many years.  It is in non-running condition and will require a full mechanical and body restoration to bring it back to it's former glory.   Do not make any assumptions about this Alfa.  If you aren't sure about something, send me an email.  I have done my best to describe the Alfa to the best of my ability, but may have missed something - as stated, ask any questions prior to bidding that I haven't already answered.  The Alfa is being sold in "as is" condition with no warranty expressed or implied.  The Alfa comes with a clear title & original keys.