Chassis#: 167654

Motor#: 01227

Color: sky blue (AR301) with black interior Manufactured October 26, 1960.

Sold to Alfa Romeo Germany, Frankfurt October 31, 1961.

Put on registration stating building year 1962 Exported to the Netherlands, put on Dutch registration July 15, 1968 Acquired by me in the summer of 1975.

I bought the car in 1976. It was rather "used" but at that time these cars were just old cars and worth very little. I did some cosmetic repairs and my wife and I used it for 1 or 2 years. Since then a few times I started to do major work to the body, but that was interrupted each time because we moved or so. Eventually I started again in 1992 but found out that in the mean time these cars had become quite valuable, so it would not be wise to do the bodywork myself with my limited skills. I made a deal with a garage nearby that employed a very skilled sheet metalworker. He restored the body making all necessary parts, and there were quite a few, by himself. Part of the deal was that he did it in time there was no regular work, so it took about five years. The end result was a perfect body.
At that time we had to move again and we took the body and all parts with us to our new house. There it was put in the garage and slept for another 12 years or so, as my job did not allow me the time to work on the car.
A few years ago I retired and finally there was time to finish the car. After lots of Internet time to find parts and suppliers I started September last year and it looks like it will be finished in a month or two.