UPDATE: as found on CLASSIC VIRUS website April 18, 2017
In 1958, when the production of the first Sprint Veloce ended, Alfa Romeo planned the production of a small batch of cars (more or less 200) with slightly different features.
These 750E series had indeed the same engine of the first SV, fed by a couple of Weber DCO3 carburetors, but mated with some more “civilized” features among which there were a couple of “regular” door windows (still made of Perspex), and bigger headlights.
This particlar car (chassis #AR1493E*06481, engine #AR1315*30972) was sold new in the U.S. by Hoffman Motor Co. but had a full restoration in Germany between 2008 and 2010 and seems almost flawless: it still has a set of Borrani Bimetallici (two-metals) rims, immaculate interiors and an engine bay which is almost at a concours level. Only the tires look undersized but that’s not a defect at all. Find it for sale at €148,000 (today $158,000) here in Zurich, Switzerland.

End of 1957, the production of the Giulietta Sprint Veloce Allegeritta was adjusted to approximately 610 vehicles produced. After that in 1958 about 180 vehicles was built as a Giulietta Sprint Veloce Confortevole. This version had disguised instead sliding window crank windows, the doors were on the inside and instead of rear windows in Persepex real glass was installed. This vehicle was built on 8 April and sold on 15 April 1958 at Hoffmann Motor Co Co, New York. That this was an American extradition is still visible today. The rear window is easy grün getönt and temperature gauges for oil and water are Fahrenheit .. The vehicle was subjected 2008-2010in Germany a complete restoration and is now in a beautiful state. The rims are Borani Bi alloy wheels, something that is practically no longer available today. Underbody in body color. Color Bianco Gardenia Motor No AR 1515 30 972 Chassis No AR 149 3E0 648 1 FIVA card available. German and Swiss approval