PREVIOUS OWNERS: 1st Owner, Victor Getmin sold to the 2nd owner in 1961 or 1962, Steve Marshalko.

I did find out that my Alfa was made on Oct. 27, 1958 and was sold to NSU Werke on Oct. 30, 1958.

I would like to add my 58 Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F to your register. It was built Oct. 27 1958 and was sold to NSU in Germany on Oct. 30, 1958. Not sure when it came to the States. I am the 3rd owner. Car was stored in a garage since 1966 until I found it. Chassis No# 1495-05035, Engine No# 1315-31832, body No# 4005 Car is all original with matching numbers in Celeste Blue. Not running now, I'm in the process of restoring the car. Engine is seized but it has only minimal rust. It has @87K kilometers showing on the odometer. I'm in the process of acquiring parts. Merci. Kerry

It appears to be all original and has not been on the road since 1966. The original color is celeste blue and there
is a stamped number on the hood & trunk which is 4005. I just purchased the car in late Jan.
2012 and am slowly in the process of restoring this beauty. There is surface rust on the car but
it was kept in a garage since 1966. The engine is seized and i'm trying to free it up so it
can be rebuilt. I do know that this car was a European import because all the gauges are in 
Italian and the speedo reads in KPH. I live on the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region & I think
the Alfa has been around here all its life.