Dear Charles Antoine, Dear Francis, herewith 2 pictures of my bluette Giulia SS AR380737, which I had the pleasure to buy last spring (in France). <p>

It is a RHD car that left the factory as LHD. The conversion was done in the UK where the car spent most of it's life. <p>

(according to Marco Fazio: "Al numero di telaio AR 380737 corrisponde in origine una vettura Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (101.21) di colore bluette, prodotta l'8 gennaio 1964 e venduta il 29 maggio 1964 all'Alfa Romeo UK, Londra.") <p>

After some small repair works, the car will be submitted (2nd attempt...) to the belgian automobile inspection tomorrow to get a conformity certificate and belgian licence plates.<p>

Hoping to have the car on the (belgian) roads as soon as the wheather starts getting better again. Best regards from Belgium,<p>

02/13/14 from Alfaholics website:
chassis n° : 380737
engine n° 0012100473
body n° 87.1996
36804 miles
french correct papers
french MOT: OK

Rare RHD Giulia SS in a non red color .The body color is Royal blue with seats in blue lever with all other trimming in pale blue vinyl matching. The top dash trimming was retrimmed with black lever.

The car is complete with all its accessories and detailing as the perpex front deflector. Chromes are perfect as you can see

The car was restored around 2000 and previous registration was BYT 2B when bought by its previous owner at a Goodwood auction on the 23/6/2000.

The car retains its original 121 engine with the twin 40 DCOE carbs and more sought after air box and air filter. Oil pressure is perfect. Water temp stable, only the sump oil temp sensor will have to be change at next oil change.

I always took great care of this beautiful and efficient car which I am selling for finance another great automotive project.

Car was located in Montamisé, France