According to the book "The Racing Giuliettas" and Evan Wilson's "The Giuliettas" this is a one of 18 for a spider, or 252 for a sprint veloce and would be key to completing a proper Mille Miglia eligible car's restoration. It has all of the bearing caps numbered to the matching casting # on the intake side of the block. The main bearing housing surfaces are wonderful. The head studs do not show the typical pock marking and are full right to the base. The center aluminum web in the water jacket is fully intact and uncracked. I've mounted a 750 prepped crank that was nitrided cut to .010", drilled for extra oiling and tapped plugs as a test and the tolerances are perfect, and the crank turns with no interference with just two fingers. There isn't a problem with main bearing housing alignment. This is a well preseved piece. The top of the block has been decked to .070" (1.8mm) as per the Conrero/Facetti spec quoted in the Racing Giuliettas P. 79. It also has a minor repair to the bottom intake front part of the block and an unusual oil pressure line adapter.