This 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce was manufactured in December 1958. The firewall stamping (photo) showing the F and the build number confirm the build date and that it is a Veloce. The number on the engine block also confirms this to be a Veloce engine built in 1958. We have contacted Alfa Romeo and their records confirm that it was originally painted the Graphite Grey you see on the car now. There is no accurate record of how many Giulietta Spider Veloces were manufactured. Bbecause of their higher performance engine, light weight, excellent handling and braking compared to most other cars of that era, many of them were raced. Nice original Veloces are quite scarce today and this is one of the cleanest examples you will find. The photos do not do the car justice and the car presents much nicer in person. The paint is excellent and the body panels are in great shape with no apparent rust of damage in the body or floors. The glass, chrome and leather interior are all in excellent condition. The convertible top is gorgeous and the headliner must be seen to be appreciated. There are recent receipts totaling just over $12,000 with the car showing that the engine and brakes were fully rebuilt along with a few other things. The car needs nothing and drives excellent. While already a classic collector car the Veloce is rare enough that the future value could out climb the market as a whole.

According to Automobilismo Storico Centre Documentazione in Italy, this car was built on 4 December 1958 and is a true Veloce. It was sold/delivered to Hoffman Motor Car Company in New York on 8 January 1959. After that, we have no records until the current owner purchased the car in 2006. However, we have substantial restoration. and service records