Here is your chance to own what may be the finest Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale in existence. This is a rare car to begin with, to say nothing of finding one in as good condition as the day it was made. The pictures tell the story of the car's splendid appearance, and an in-person inspection will further impress any Alfa aficionado with both the cosmetics and the mechanicals of this museum-quality car. Many consider the Bertone-bodied Sprint Speciale to be the most beautiful Alfa of its era. It is remarkable how that beauty takes different forms from various angles; but like Venice, it's impossible to take a bad picture of it. It is certainly like nothing else on the road, and it looks its best in rich Alfa red. (The day we photographed the car, another driver pulled up next to us at a stop sign and asked if he could take a photo with his cell phone. How many cars can garner that kind of attention?) This Giulia Sprint Speciale is one of just 676 made in 1964, and 1400 Giulia Sprint Speciales total produced by the famous builder Bertone between 1963 and 1966, according to marque historian Evan Wilson. Based on the serial number it is one of the final 500 produced and was made midway through 1964. Only a few hundred cars are thought to survive; rust sadly ate many of them before their value was appreciated. You are looking at a remarkably preserved original car that has been reconditioned to new condition with no cost spared. It shows less than 14,000 miles on its odometer, and based on the car's condition and history the owner believes this to be original mileage. This very car is pictured on Page 91 of Pat Braden's authoritative book on the Giulietta, published in 2004. The body is basically flawless. There is one pin-head sized ding low on the driver's door, too small to photograph; the paint over it is fine. That's as bad as it gets on this gem. Glass, rubber, and chrome are all perfect. The red paint is of the highest standard and has a rich luster. Absolutely no rust, dents, scratches, etc. The interior is a time capsule-1964 not with patina, but as it was when LBJ was President and Beatlemania raged. The seats are covered in expensive and supple leather. The carpets are fresh and mint. The headliner, dash switches, steering wheel, and all levers and pulls are museum quality. The car has a period Blaupunkt radio (which works but is not hooked up). The dashboard and instruments look like they did in 1964. Even the dome light works. The engine bay holds the pristine 800 cc engine. All SS's had a modified version of Alfa's Guilia engine with boosted horsepower (129 according to motoring magazines of the day), which would become the basis for the Giulia Veloce engine. This DOHC engine with twin Weber carburetors was quoted as being able to take the aerodynamic car to 200 kilometers per hour. This car's engine compartment is clean enough to eat off of. The trunk is also as new. You could put a silk wedding dress in it safely. The hidden secret compartment at the back with its wooden lid is in good order. The very valuable and rare original tool kit is included. For looks, both aesthetically and condition-wise, this car can't be beat. It would fit right in at the Blackhawk Museum, or Alfa's own museum in Arese, Italy. Looks are one thing, but can it be driven? Yes! The owner has participated in the mid-Atlantic region All Italian Car Tour the past five years, driving 100+ miles with no problems each time. The engine is in fine tune. Its song reaches into the cabin, keeping the driver in close connection with the car's power source. The five-speed transmission is in excellent order. All gauges work (and look like new). Though the car was originally sold in Italy, the gauges read in miles rather than kilometers. Every single time this car has participated in the Italian Car Tour, which includes a Concours d'Elegance, it has won the "Peoples' Choice Award" hands-down. The car has also been shown at Hershey, where it won AACA National First Place Junior (360/400 points) and Senior (380/400 points) prizes. Odds are it will win a trophy at any Alfa, Italian Car, European Car, or Vintage event where it is shown. It also has excellent potential for use in magazines, automotive books, and potentially in advertising or cinema. History: The Giulia SS had its roots in the smaller-engined Giulietta SS, which Bertone debuted in prototype form at the 1957 Turin Auto Salon. The car was penned by Bertone's Chief Designer, Franco Scaglione. It was initially intended to be a competition car, but moved away from that to be a more luxurious grand touring coupe (the more compact SZ became the rally car). The SS's styling, initially somewhat controversial, was notably enhanced when its front was raised and unique chrome bumpers were added. This Sprint Speciale was sold new in Palermo, Italy on November 11, 1964, to Mr. Gustav Orlando-the original purchase order and the key ring from the dealership are still with the car 31 years later! After it crossed the pond, under the stewardship of Mr. Orlando's son, the car was garaged in New York. The next owner restored the car at a cost of $40,000 in the early 1990s. Marcovicci-Wenz Engineering, a renowned vintage and racing engine specialist in Ronkonkom, New York rebuilt the engine in December, 1991. Body work, paint and interior were done in 1993 by a small restoration shop. The receipts are very thorough and details all parts. He brought the restored car when he moved to California it. The current owner is a serious car collector and a determined perfectionist, who searched for years before finding this excellent example in Los Angeles in 1998. A long-time Alfa Romeo Owner's Club member who has owned other Alfas, as well as vintage Porsches and Morgans, he has of course kept the car garaged and pampered and it is in even better shape than when he bought it. What does the car need right now? Absolutely nothing. It is a high-dollar car that is a brilliant investment; all the work has already been done. It's ready to show, ready to drive, ready to appreciate, ready to enjoy. Why is it for sale? The owner has three restored high-end classic cars. He loves this one but drives and shows it less than the others, and so is reluctantly willing to sell for a solid market price after seven wonderful years. What is it worth? This car is effectively priceless. There is no finer or lower-mileage one for it to compete with. This auction will establish its value. Other stunning examples have sold for a wide range of prices. Even far more common Giulia Sprints and Spiders are fetching into the 30s and beyond these days. It may not be far down the road before this becomes a $100,000 collectible. A disassembled project car sold for $7,000 recently on e-Bay; that car would take many tens of thousands in work to approach the level this one is at. Specs & Info Auction Date: 17 Apr 2005 No Sale: $40,200 # Bids: 67 VIN: 0121.380999 Miles: 13,910 Engine: 4 cyl Transmission: manual Interior Color: black Auction: ebay