HISTORY: A unique 1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale.
This SS is a fantastic driver and a great joy to own.
One of Bertone's triumph designs, the Speciale is often regarded as a baby BAT concept car.
This is a classic GT car in all its glory.
This particular car with its rare combination of Black exterior and red interior serves as an exceptional showcase of this design.
This SS has been driven on rallies and other long distance events and has performed flawlessly even on 600 mile runs.
The original 800cc Veloce Motor and the 5 speed gearbox function like new, they pull strong, make wonderful sounds and provide flawless power.
It stops great as well, using the original front disc brakes and rear drums. This car has been lovingly maintained as part of a collection by capable hands, it needs nothing.
Everything works! everything is there! nothing is missing on this car (interior and exterior).
All electrical functions work and are reliable even under high loads.
The interior has undergone a meticulous restoration about 4 years ago, and certainly looks the part.
It has original Double stitching on the blood red seats and carpet.
The headliner and other interior pieces are on par with a show car.
It is a showpiece of an interior. The combination of a black exterior mated to a blood red interior is a striking and rare combination.
This car attracts attention in events that have cars 10 times the value. it is a piece of Italian jewelry in all its glory.
At the SS general price point there is no other collectable that provides this level of visual joy and driving pleasure.
The car lacks visible rust aside from a hood rust bubble spot. there is also a paint swirl *
This SS comes with a lot of literature I have collected over the years along with 4 brand new (original) wheel hubcap covers and some chrome trim as spares.
Specs & Info
Auction Date: 08 July 2006
Sold For: $40,500
# Bids: 20
VIN: 380733
Miles: 47000
Engine: 4
Transmission: manual
Exterior Color: black
Interior Color: red