PREVIOUS OWNERS: Bill Mihalic, Tom Mittler, Bill Culbertson (as per the SS register from Leslie Hegedus)


I purchased the car in 2001 from Tom Mittler, a classic car collector in South Bend, Indiana.  It had been restored by Bill Culbertson in Cleveland, Ohio, but I don't know if Culbertson had actually owned it or had restored it for Mittler.


Regarding the recent chain of ownership, there was an intermediary involved in facilitating the sale, but that person did not take ownership.


Additional info, like the name of the original owner and the original color (white, I believe), is available in several publications, but I don't have copies of those books.


Claus Menzel could possibly give more information on the background of the car.


I certainly enjoyed my 8 years of stewardship of the car.  I don't think I'll ever own another car quite as beautiful.


FYI, attached are pictures of the car with the B.A.T. cars at Meadow Brook in 2007.  Dave Hammond touched on this in an article for "Alfa Owner" magazine.