PREVIOUS OWNERS: Originally sold to Thompson and Taylor in Great Britain. No other owners are known at this time.

History: (as per Fantasy Junction) 

1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Lightweight
s/n AR1493 04447, Engine no. 1315*50528*
Blue with Grey Leather

While the standard Giulietta Sprint and Sprint Veloce are charming and capable little sports cars, the lightweight variant is a surprisingly different animal. Using a tried and true technique of reducing weight and increasing power, the lightweight was a legitimate high performance sports car that wowed the writers at Sports Cars Illustrated. With only 100 examples built, they had a difficult time getting a hold of an example to test, but once they did, they reveled in how well it revved, how marvelously capable it was, the quickness of the steering, and the car’s maneuverability and agility. This allowed them to “put the Veloce into slots where even 300SL’s fear to tread. This is what a real Gran Turismo machine should be able to do and this Alfa never lets the driver down”, they gushed. The also found the car to be very forgiving.

To reduce the weight of the car, the hood, trunk lid, doors, and bumpers were made of aluminum. The license plate lamp was even refashioned in alloy, and the car fitted with alloy door window frames. The side and rear windows were done in Plexiglas, the trunk floor ribbed, and the car fitted with magnesium oil pan and intake plenum. The rear seats and sound deadening were also deleted and the engine tuned, to include the fitment of twin Weber 40DCO3 carburetors.

This particular car has been fastidiously looked after by its enthusiastic owners. It belonged to an avid Alfa Romeo collector for many years, during which period it was under the care of Conrad Stevenson. The car comes with invoices back to 1994 outlining much work, including: fitting stronger A arms, rebuilding the suspension and brakes, and rebuilding the radiator and water pump. Some cosmetic work was completed with Phil Reilly & Co., and the car was fitted with new carpets as well. The dashboard and steering wheel were restored, the distributor rebuilt, the clutch replaced, and the differential rebuilt. The wheel cylinders and brake master cylinder rebuilt, and the entire engine and carburetors rebuild. The car received a Sammy Hale crankshaft, Carillo connecting rods, and Arias Cosworth pistons. During this period, the owner used the car extensively, including on the Retro Mille Miglia, California Mille, and the Tour de France.

The car passed on to its new owner in 2007, who has had much further work completed, mostly with Competizione & Sports Cars. A roll bar was fabricated for the car, and the car received a full photo documented repaint by Autobody Dimensions. The interior was reupholstered, and the car fitted with competition type safety belts. The car was extensively serviced to include regular maintenance work, and the gearbox removed and opened to service it as necessary. An entire new exhaust system was fabricated as well, and new wheels and tires fitted as well.

The car is in very nice condition overall. The paintwork and bodywork are very good, with very good panel fit, and high quality paint. There is no corrosion in evidence, but there is one area of shrinkage in the right rear fender. The metal trim is in nice condition overall, with some patina in the form of light pitting and dulling.

The interior is very nice, having been recently fitted with new carpets and upholstery. The visors and headliner have been renewed and are like new. The top of the dashboard has been refinished and is excellent, and the remainder of the dashboard was not recently cosmetically restored and has a delightful patina. A 12 volt power outlet has been added to supply power for electronic equipment, and the instruments and switches are excellent. The steering wheel is a superb wood item with riveted rim, and the horn button is in excellent shape. The carpets and seats were reupholstered to very high standards and are like new, and a roll bar with driver’s headrest has been added.

The engine compartment is tidy, clean, and functional. It has some patina, and has the overall appearance of a very-well looked after car that can be regularly enjoyed in events. The car retains its correct intake trunking and cast aluminum intake plenum. The radiator overflow tube is routed into an aluminum Sigg water bottle, which is a neat touch. The trunk is unrestored in appearance but is solid and generously proportioned for touring. The underside shows evidence of much recent work, but the chassis retains a substantially original appearance.

This car drives like an example that has been thoroughly gone through. The gearbox and brakes work very nicely, and the motor is a mildly tuned unit that has been recently rebuilt. The suspension is very good, and the car wears Dunlop racing tires, which are very capable for sporting applications, but might prove to be too aggressive for some drivers. The car comes with a spare set of wheels, also with Dunlop racing tires. The car also comes with a binder of service records back to the mid 1990’s, and photographic documentation of the paintwork.

This delightful factory Veloce Lightweight represents an unpretentious yet rare, reliable, ready-to-drive, and satisfying sports car. The car is thoroughly sorted, both mechanically and cosmetically, and is ready to enjoy. In Lightweight specification, this car represents the holy grail of Giulietta Sprint Veloces, and it is with good reason that Giulietta Sprints of all varieties share space in extremely high caliber collections despite their relative affordability. This car is eligible for virtually every important historic racing and rally venue around the globe including the Mille Miglia, Tour de France, Colorado Grand, and California Mille, and comes with an impressive file of documentation.

Images are from Fantasy Junction