PREVIOUS OWNERS: Berge Bergesen, came from Sweden with unknown owners to date

Archivio Storico says the car was made April 6, 1961 and delivered to Sweden November 8, 1961
The 101.20 SS came back to life (so to speak) last year after many, many years of restoration by two different owners. It has chassis # 00686 and was originally sold new in Sweden. It currently resides in Norway. I never got around to speaking with the owner, but there was an extensive article on it in Alfanytt (club magazine) last year.
This Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS was produced April 6, 1961 and delivered to Alfa Romeo, Stockholm November 8, 1961. The colour was "Alfa Red" with white/red interiors. It was registered to its first Swedish owner December 12, 1961. It had two owners in Sweden, and the registration plates were AA 1016 and AB 8696 respectively. It is uncertain when the car came to Norway, but it had two owners in Norway before the current owner bought it in 2000. Backe is in other words the fifth owner. Mileage is unknown.
The previous owner Berge Bergesen did a great job starting the restoration, tracking down a new windscreen, new electrical harness, all gaskets, new complete exhaust, new grille and a lot of other parts. The inside and the rear were also impeccably repaired for rust by him, but the A-beams, front fenders and firewall still had a lot of rust. The interior was complete, but some of it was in poor condition. A local upholsterer made new identical interior mats by using the old carpets as a template. The seats had disappeared a long time ago, so it was fitted with Fiat 850 seats since they look roughly the same. The magazine article shows these seats in black leather, but the concorza pictures show them with the original-looking upholstery made by the same upholsterer who the mats. The engine is the original 1300 and was redone by a local Nord engine expert during the restoration.
The SS was resprayed in the autumn of 2007 at a local body shop.

The winner was a Maserati Khamsin with a long and interesting history (VIN #1000), followed by a 1961 SS and an absolutely perfect Montreal.

In other words: three Bertone designs, two of them by Marcello Gandini.