PREVIOUS OWNERS: Orignial owner unknown in California, Robert VanHaute, NY

HISTORY: This particular veloce has been one that came to light after being absent for more than 34 years. This Veloce was last seen at the 1975 Monterey Antique Auto Races in the parking lot. This was the year that Alfa Romeo debuted to the public the Alfetta and brought over some cars from the factory for the Salute to Alfa Romeo as the marque of the year 1975. I didn't know of the owner or its history.

"According to Elvira Ruocco, my spider veloce was made 14 January 1959, sold to Hoffman Motor Car Company from New York 2nd April, 1959. It is registered in California as a 1960 car. A one year or more lapse between manufacture and 'title manufacture' date is not uncommon with Alfas and other overseas manufactured cars. It is a non-vent window, thoroughly pedestrian 750 spider veloce."

Thom wrote: "I bought the car from Robert VonHaute about 9 years ago and have spent the intervening time having it restored from bare metal up. Restoration of body and chassis was completed in summer of 2008. It appeared at Monterey Concorso Italiano 2008 and was invited to be reviewed before the grandstands. The engine is currently being overhauled.

The previous owner had the car for 20 years, stripped it down to a street racer, removing anything that might be superfluous weight, went to 14" wheels, tried turbo-charging, water injection and a ram induction addition to the hood at various times. He also installed optical points, MSD and a TR7 fuel tank where the spare tire and convertible top should have been. The engine was balanced and blue printed and cams that I have not been able to have identified were installed. The 40 DCO3 setup was replaced with a 40 DCOE and the plenum removed.
His son collided the car with a Ford Crown Victoria while on an unauthorized excursion. The owner's dismay and the extent of the damage persuaded him to advertise the car for sale.
I bought it for $1500 quite unaware of the finer points of Giuliettas. In the intervening 4 years, I studied and learned and acquired what had been cast off and then began the restoration. That lasted nearly 3 years. I hope to enter it again in the Monterey Concorso this coming August,2010"