PREVIOUS OWNERS: Purchased new at Madison Smith Naturally (Nashville, Tn) on April 7, 1965 by friends Jim and June Marie, then living in Indianapolis, In. Garaged in Indy 1965 to 1975. Moved to Cheyenne, Wy in 1975, stored in heated garage there until 1980. Wyoming registration sticker dated 9/17/76 shows mileage at 24,557. Moved to Tuscon, AZ in 1980 and stored there under a carport with a car cover on it until November, 2007. I received the car (a gift!) and transported it to Greenback, Tn Nov., 2007- mileage 24,653. Spent time Dec through May replacing lots of rubber parts-brake hoses, heater hoses, radiator hoses, etc and got it running May 16, 2008. Excellent compression when warm. Car has original paint, DUCO Rosso 95-XC-9068. Has many original clamps which I term copiglia clamps. Does not have fuel regulator and has transparent light green fuel line hose up to carbs. Car as lots of approximately 1" by 3" stick-on red reflective tape on door recesses, trunk, etc so car can be seen at night from behind. Sick-ons likely not original Car as mounting tabs for washer bag, but no bag or foot pedal for washer on inside of firewall and no evidence that this foot pedal was ever installed.