1965 ALFA ROMEO GIULIA 800 SPIDER VELOCE WITH PINIFARINA STEEL HARDTOP. Perhaps the definitive "Barn Find" One Owner Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce. According to the Alfa Romeo Archives this true Tipo 101.18 Spider Veloce - VIN AR390214 with matching motor #AR00121-01727 - was Manufactured on April 21st 1965 and sold to ARI in New Jersey. From there the car was consigned to MoTech Motors in San Diego and was sold in November of 1965 to it's original and only owner.

This is the most original and un-modified Giulia Spider Veloce we have ever seen, as it only had a single owner in all these years since it left the factory. The car is amazingly original and has virtually every bit and piece it had when it was originally manufactured new. All the correct high performance Veloce bits are there: the correct Veloce big rear drum brakes, the front disc brakes, the correct Veloce rear end, the dual Weber DCOE2 carbs, the correct engine with Veloce oil pan (essentially from the Giulia Sprint Speciale series), the 800 veloce exhaust headers, the airbox and dual fresh air snorkel vents inside the drivers front fenderwell, the large Girling brake fluid reservoir, the chassis to veloce oil pan snubber silent-block, the correct valve cover with no provision for PCV venting back to the cylinder head, the correct veloce 8,000 r.p.m tachometer and 140 m.p.h speedometer, the original door cards, even the original soft top! The list goes on and on...needless to say this is perhaps one of the most un-molested and original Giulia Spiders left in the world! And it was dry stored in Northern San Diego County in Southern California where it has lived it's entire life...

The background story on the car is this: The original owner bought the car in San Diego in 1965 and drove and enjoyed the car for years until 1978, when the rear brake shoes were renewed and it was parked. According to the owner, shortly after the brake linings on the rear brake shoes were renewed the "rear brakes locked up", and the car was put into the garage. After trying to remove the rear drums several times with no success the owner simply gave up and left the car parked and they moved on to other cars.

It turns out we were able to finally remove the rear brake drums after much effort and found that the shop that renewed the rear shoes simply glued the new linings in place and didn't add rivets as specified by Alfa, so that shortly after they began to "bed-in" the linings simply "walked off" the brake shoes and hung up against the drums - leaving the rear brakes permanently on. The rear brake shoes have now been replaced and adjusted and the system bled and even after all these years the braking system works again! What a shame that such a lovely car has been off the road for over 30 years simply due to this relatively small brake system installation error!

The cars body seems remarkably straight and true - as may be seen by the door shut lines in the accompanying photos. Thus it doesn't seem to have been hit hard front or rear or on either side as the inside of the various fenderwells appears true and the door shut lines are excellent. However, it seems that there may have been some small damage to the front grille nose area, and perhaps by the driver's headlight, but it is hard to tell how extensive the damage was as both appear pretty straight now. The car was resprayed Alfa red sometime in the mid 1970's, and the job was thoroughly done throughout the car except for the engine bay which appears to be a slightly more orange hue then the rest of the car.

The interior is like a timewarp, with the original seats and upholstery. The funky upholstered dash cap was removed by the owner who was going to respray it wrinkle black and add the usual steel "dash nose" like the earlier cars but he never got around to doing that job. The "dash nose" however is included with the car should the new owner choose to perform this job. The doorcards are also original, and the passengers side doorcard still has traces of the protective plastic covering around the edges that the factory installed to protect it while in transit. And what really saved the interior and the floor pans was that the car was kept inside and covered and the owner eventually found a 101 series Pinifarina steel hardtop, which he placed on the car over the soft top. This put a few small tears in the soft top, but imagine how nice it is going to be to replace the softtop when you have the original never replaced original top for your upholster use as a template!

There are a few small dings here and there on the car - most notably a ding about the size of a silver dollar on the driver's door - and the paint has small scratches here and there from all those years of storage. The car has not been polished or buffed out, what you are seeing in the photos for this auction is the way the car was uncovered recently after over 30 years in storage. The bodywork and floorpans are remarkably rust free. The only trouble is in the trunk which is rusty. It seems the owner crammed a bunch of towels in the trunk and over the years - we are talking about 30+ years of storage here - they absorbed water and rusted the trunk floor out. This water absorbtion also seems to have translated to the trunk lid as the paint is rougher there then over the rest of the car. Also, the chrome was never waxed or protective coated on the car and after thirty years needs rechroming, but the bumpers are all original to the car and carry the internal Pininfarina body numbers on them so they should be kept with the car and rechromed for a proper restoration. This car has the original five matching Borrani steel wheels with the original smaller diameter 70mm hubcaps as well. Also, three of the four original top hooks for the Pininfarina hardtop are broken, but these are available at this point as reproductions.

As far as we can tell the car is missing only four things: the original windshield washer fluid bag, the original tool kit, the original tire jack and the original owners manual. These items show up on ebay from time to time and it should be a minor annoyance to find these few items when the rest of the car is so complete and original.

Picking nits, one of the under dash toggle switches has the black plastic knob broken off. But everything else on the dash is complete and original and there, from the map light located under the glovebox to all the guages and other instruments. The steering wheel is wonderful and has a very clean center push button. Also, the rear "800" and "Veloce" script is off the trunk but it was found in the glovebox and obviously goes with the car.

Obviously this car is for restoration and is not a driver. All of the major systems should be gone through before the car is roadworthy again - the brakes should be rebuilt and the motor was never turned by the owner in all these years and so does not turn. We applied a medium amount of force to the motor to try and turn it over but it would not turn so we left it to the eventual owner to determine how much force should be applied to it rather then break anything. The motor should be rebuilt and as it is a 101 series Alfa all the parts for such a rebuild are in decent supply, as are the rest of the mechanical parts for the car.

Taken together this car has a lot going for it. It is a one owner Southern California car. It is one of the very few last year of production super performance Giulia Spider Veloces left (Alfa records indicate only 1,091 of this model were ever made in only two years of production 1964-65). It has all the correct bits and pieces, so there will be no hunting for those hard-to-find exotic 101 series 800 Veloce pieces. It has unrusty floors and sills and so forth. And it has the extremely rare and desireable 101 series Pininfarina hardtop.

The car is located in North County San Diego. Please email with any questions or clarifications and we will be happy to reply.

Car has clear original California title. Seller expresses no warranties or claims of any kind, this a used car in every respect, car comes "as you see it". 10% deposit due within 3 days of auction end, remainder of payment due within the week after auction ends. We have no ability to ship the car, but will certainly work with your shipper or shipping agent and endeavor to do everything possible to make it easy for you to acquire this one-of-a-kind rare Alfa Romeo.

Thanks for reading this rather longish explanation and good luck ebayers!