Built July 16, 1964 (car had a white exterior and a blue interior) First sold April 19, 1966 to Fiorenza Girone of Caserta

Sold September 13, 1971 to Antonio Di Benedetto of Naples

Sold February 14, 1972 to Giuseppe Juliano of Naples

Sold sometime in 1979 (can't make out the date thanks to a stamp overlay) to Bruno Pisaturo of Rome

Sold August 1982 to Giovanni De Franchis of Naples

Sold 1985 (again a stamp overlay) to F. Palma Distilleries, Naples

Sold November 20, 2003 to Carmela Cinefra of Naples

Sold April 15, 2004 to David Semel, Ottawa Canada The car is now red with a black interior. Not sure when the colour was changed. The original (1966) licence plate 431602NA came with the car.

The car now resides in Nova Scotia Canada with custom red color