Car was bought in 1962 and resold in 1/2008. Engine compartment and interior refreshed 2008.

UPDATE: (found on a website using a number search)
Coachwork: Bertone
Designer: Franco Scaglione
Chassis Num: 10120 00322
Engine Num: AR 00120
Expensive and well-finished, the Sprint Speciale (SS), designed by Bertone and Frank Scaglione, was an aerodynamic rebodied Giulietta. It resembled Bertone's B.A.T. (Berlinetta Aerodinamica technica) prototypes and Alfa's Touring-built Disco Volantes. A hotter version (developing 116- versus 92 horsepower) of the Giulietta sprint's mostly aluminum 1.3-liter, DOHC four was mated to a five-speed overdrive transmission taken from the 2000 Spider. A stable chassis with an independent front suspension and a well-located live axle in the rear plus a slippery shape makes the SS a fantastic grand tourer. Top speed, aided by a low drag coefficient, was 120 mph. A Bay Area car since new, the current (second) owner has had it since 2008 when he redid the mechanicals and interior.