PREVIOUS OWNERS: Jerry Keiger- Ohio

HISTORY: (as written by the current owner) Summary: I have owned this car for 30 years, as well as 9 other Alfas along the way.
This car was restored in 1985, just in time for the Alfa Romeo 75th anniversary event at the Monterey Historics. It is a true Veloce with matching numbers (390549/00121.01983). It is not a show car -- many years and miles have passed since the restoration. From fifteen feet, you might think it is a show car, but closer inspection will highlight imperfections that have accrued with 51,000 miles of driving since the restoration.
From a mechanical point of view, I would not hesitate to take this car on a 3,000 mile trip (I have done that). This car is driven locally at least once each week. For many years, I drove the 40 mile round trip to work on rural roads during the dry months of the year. I am uncertain of the total mileage this car has seen, since the speedometer was not functional when I purchased it.
The car was purchased from an owner in Cincinnati in the seventies. The rockers were rusty. There were small holes in floorboards and the trunk. All of the rot was cut out, and replaced. Not just the outer, curved rocker panel covers, but also the internal rocker structure that is integral to the ‘unibody’ construction of these cars. It is now solid as a rock. Since the late 70’s, it has been a garaged, California car with no rust issues.
The engine and transmission were expertly rebuilt in 1985 by a perfectionist Alfa engine builder. I have put nearly 51,000 miles on the car since then, and it still runs like new. The 2nd gear synchro is fine -- I always double clucth when downshifting. All maintenance records beginning with the 1985 restoration are available. As you might imagine, many components have been replaced or rebuilt during this period.
All chrome and stainless is very good to excellent, including very nice stainless hubcaps. The windshield was replaced several years ago. It’s not all pitted or scratched. It has the original style padded dash covering in very good condition. All gauges are pristine. These and all lights work as intended. A new canvas top was installed in 2000. Seldom has it seen the light of day. New carpets and mats for the cockpit from Re-Originals were installed in 1998. They still look like new. Some amount of spare parts and a rather tattered owners manual go with the car.
Things that are not original:
Has 1750 cams, not the lumpy Veloce cams. Has Dave Rugh springs and swaybar which translates to very precise handling. Has an electric fuel pump -- a plus on a Weber carbureted car that is driven infrequently. The rubber trunk mat is not original. These are available from Re-Originals. The seats are in very good condition, however they appear to be from a Giulietta. Has Bosch electronic ignition, using an original Bosch distributor body and coil. The shift lever and reverse lockout have been converted to the Alfa 105 variety. The color is the red that was used on the Alfa Sprint in 1965. The original red on these spiders was more orange. Paint is acrylic lacquer. The center, heart shaped grill is a new, reproduction part.
Things that could use attention:
The windshield washer has not been sorted. All the parts are there, but I have never made the system functional. (This car has not been driven on wet roads.)
The passenger windshield wiper has been removed since the fiber gear that drives it is worn. Again, this car does not see wet roads.
At low, steady speeds, say 25-30mph, the engine tends to "hunt". You could describe it as a surge. I believe it is carburetion. It has been this way since I’ve owned it. I seldom drive a steady 30mph, so I have not bothered to remedy it. When accelerating or decelerating, or driving at highway speeds there is no issue.
The passenger side window is scratched.
To make this a really nice show car, you would want to send it to a quality paint shop. It was a bare metal respray with acrylic lacquer in 1985. It still has incredible shine, but there are problems here and there. I have mostly kept up with stone chips (lacquer is easy to fix; I still have paint), but there are a few small dings and ripples such that it is not "pristine". I have maintained this car as a very presentable ‘driver’. 99% of the problems are on the front clip and hood. If I were to undertake a respray, I wouldn’t touch the doors, trunk lid or rear clip. These areas are still very, very nice.