HISTORY AS COPIED FROM THE ALFABB SEPT 2022: (I have no way of knowing fact from fiction)

Ciao a tutti, I am the lucky owner of G00311, I'm trying to reconstruct the history of the car, so I'm counting on the help of the whole community. The only data in my possession are that the car for some reason ended up to a dealer in Canada ( " RL motor sales, 520 Wiseman, Outremont QC. H2V 3J8 " ) where on 16 December 1988 it was sold to the previous owner , a big Italian professional who worked as a professor at MIT in Massachusset. He gave me the bill of sale and his last USA license plate . Not more.... I am sure that the car had a ( race ) past in USA.

What I know about the car is that it was bought in disassembled state by the owner of a 750D Spider and used as a parts car. This was around 1980. He ended up giving the body shell and a bunch of parts to a local Alfa mechanic against some work. I saw it in the mechanic's shop and expressed interest. The body was stripped, in pretty good shape with only a bit of accident damage around the maschera. I do not recall finding much rust on the lower end. There was no 750 engine in sight, the deal included a 105 1300. There were incomplete DCO3s as well.

I tried to make sure it was a real Veloce, got deterred by the "G" that nobody could explain back then (it actually looks like a "C", doesn't it?). I later learnt it had been sold to an Italian fellow who was active in club racing in a VW Golf or Scirocco and we never saw the Giulietta again.

A few years later, the fellow who had used 00311 for parts sold his 750D and I purchased a bunch of extra parts from him. This included more bits from the DCO3s, and the serial number plate for 750G 00311. This plate had a hole punched in it pretty much like the 00308 plate at the beginning of this thread. It seems that was common on 750 Veloces if you misadjusted one air duct clamp.

I never heard of RL Motor Sales. Do you mean they made the transaction in 1988? Their address is a private house. We have here registered dealers who specialize in making auto transactions between private parties, in some cases it is simpler than going to the government office. I suspect this is what RL Motor Sales was. They probably never saw the car.

I do remember the guy who had the 750D telling me he had bought it from a McGill University professor.

I've gathered a lot of info on Alfas in Montreal, and I have never found a trace of a new Alfa being sold in Montreal before 1959. I think I have a letter somewhere from Elvira Ruocco at Centro Documetazione stating that 00311 was originally delivered to Hoffman. Did you inquire from them?

Not much of a trail. An Italian fellow, active in club racing in Montreal, bought the car in 1988, brought it with him to the US then to Italy, had it restored at some point before shipping it overseas, and sold it to DEA in 2005.
Not much is known of its history before it came to Montreal. Originally sold to Hoffman as a Monoposto (that's a 750G) and returned to road trim, probably from new. I have a vague recollection of being told the car was brought in from the US my a McGill professor.