A verbatim description of the car from Ebay.

Vehicle Description 1958 Giulietta Spider Veloce and 41 year vintage Alfa Romeo collection of parts and factory manuals and parts catalogs and miscellaneous documents. For some insight into my background, I'm a professional Alfa Romeo mechanic. I worked for my father Don Knopp for 14 years. He owned and operated Alfa Knopp's Auto Repair from 1970 to 1999. Don Knopp is a factory trained mechanic and authorized trainer on Alfa Romeos. Don Knopp has U.S. patents on the internal combustion engine. My father and Bob Raub owned some small shops together before 1970. They raced many older Alfas together winning nearly all of their races. Bob Raub now owns and operates 3R Automotive. They are two time World Champions in World Speed Vision GT Racing beating out FACTORY teams like AUDI and PORSCHE! Under the influence of these mentors, I myself built and raced Alfas for five years, from vintage racers to formula cars to custom built Alfa sports racers, in Vintage Racing and SCCA. The 1958 Giulietta Veloce is professionally built. This car started its racing career in 1988. At its first race event the race anouncer nicknamed this car the Italian Stallion. Why, because this car knew what its purpose was - to run down the competition and lead. This car is the winner of THE RAINBOW CLASSIC in 1992 in group one in EP 2000cc and under class setting a laptime of 1:39.550 on a 1.78 mile course and winning by a margin of victory of 14.644 seconds. That's faster than any other recorded 4-cyl Alfa race car at this course! That's beating out GTA's and TZ's. Also, ESPN filmed this race and played it on national TV. Steamboat Springs used this car to advertise its 1993 races in the Denver Post on the FRONT COVER of the sports section. All of this is documented. A car that delivers and has this performance and has this much professional knowledge built in to it is right here in this car! It's rebuilt and ready for you. The only diffrence in this car now is that I lowered the compression ratio by putting in lower compression Borgo dome 10.4/1 pistons. And I used Hastings piston rings for better dependablity and better oil control. All of the drivetrain is rebuilt including the 45mm Webers, custom head work, combustion chamber work, specially designed cams from ISKEY RACING, and standard crank and rods. The oil pan has a wendage tray and bafflling for positive oil pickup under high g-forces. The headers are new and there's a complete custom built manderal bend exhaust system with a Magna Flow performance muffler which sounds awesome on the street. The tranny is rebuilt and has special low 1st and 2nd gearing. The driveshaft is rebuilt. The 4:56 rearend is rebuilt and professionally designed and setup with a limited slip and is a strong point of this car. There are new Koni shocks front and rear. The braking system in this car is another strong point and huge advantage. The Veloces already had front disk brakes. I added rear disks, large calipers to the front, new metallic brakepads, and I cross-drilled all the rotors. With little modifcation to the chassis I added a 2-litre brake and clutch pedal assembly, a brake booster with an early 22mm brake master cylinder, and a brake proportioning valve for fine tuning. This is a professionally done job and much cleaner and more authentic than the Tiltion brake system conversions done by most owner builders and inexperienced shops. You can see from the photos how authentic this looks. Most tech inspectors don't even notice! This car has an easy 185 hp and needs 98/100 octane fuel. In 1993 I retired this car from racing. I have taken it on well planned drives in the mountains up until last year. The motor was slowly broken in with now only 1300 miles on the complete rebuild. The body work is authentic from the first race in 1988 without any touchups to it over its six year racing campaign. There are some bubbles in the paint along the rear seam and decklid. The underside of the car looks very good as you can see in the photos. The wheel openings are slightly opened but approved by Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing. There are some cracks on the front fenders only from ratcheting down a car cover at an event with 85mph winds. I have current insurance and emissions and license plates on this car and it is street legal in Colorado. This Giulietta Veloce is a good contender for the owner who would like to go to Alfa nationals and club events a few times a year and appreciate and enjoy the engineering, performance, and easy driving characteristics engineered into this car by me and my mentors and Alfa Romeo!!!! Now for the parts, starting with the mechanical parts. BLOCKS; six 1750's, one 1600, three 1300's with one of them a specially designed block # AR1315*31032. CRANKS; six 1600's, three 1300's. HEADS; five 1750's, six 1600's, six 1300's. FRONTCOVERS; three 1750's, one 1600, four 1300's. INTAKE MANIFOLDS; four 1600 down drafts. VALVECOVERS; six early. GEARBOXES; one 1750, two 1600's, one 1300 tunnel case (rare find). OIL PUMPS; one 1300 veloce, one 1300 normale, one pickup. OIL PANS; one 1600 aluminum, two 1300 tin, one 1300 aluminum normale. FLYWHEELS; two early. HEADERS; one set 1300 veloce, one set 1300 cast iron. DISTRIBUTERS; five early. PLUG WIRES; three sets of green early original, one set of black early. EARLY FUEL FILTERS; four complete. EARLY FUEL PUMPS; four. EARLY GENERATORS; four. EARLY STARTERS; four hard to find ones too. AIR BOXES; one 1300 veloce, one normale. HIGH DOLLAR ITEMS; one Weber aluiminum two piece set. GIULIETTA and GIULIA parts in general; veloce front clip, normale front clip, hood and decklid hinges, five front bumpers, two rear center sections one with up stubs, two front bumper up stubs, six rear bumper side pieces, one 1600 hood chrome, two sets of windshield chrome and brackets and some rubber, one windshield, lots of chrome for Giulietta and Giulia and various Alfa makes, good and bad mirrors, various front grills, many chrome pieces for dash, heater, wipers, two wiper mechanisms, seat adjusters, many horns, lots and lots of gauges, headlight buckets, one set Giulietta tail light lenses and assembly parts, Giulia tail light parts, three steering columns, several original reservoirs, many brake and clutch reservoirs, pedal linkages, gas pedal assemblies, three axles, lots of rear drums, lots of front three shoe drums, about one complete set Giulietta front suspension, three sets rear suspension links lower, and one upper. LOTS AND LOTS OF MISCELLANEOUS CHROME BITS; three Webers, 42 venturies for 40mm, 12 venturies for 45mm, a whole lot of Weber parts, brass, screws, springs, ball bearings. You name it it's there. That in itself is priceless to any Alfa collection. There are lots of Alfa Factory manuals. All we have is here in the photos. These are hard to get. Supply is low for these Items! Many of these books I have been offered hundreds of dollars for even the common high production model ones. There are 10 vintage blocks! And 19 vintage heads! And a very good amount of Giulietta and Giulia parts! All included here in the parts that I described to you. Shawn Knopp