For sale in our upcoming auction for the Montreux Grand Prix, on September 16th at the Montreux Palace.

Exhibition on the Montreux Palace garden, from September 13 to 16.

It is a desirable Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1300 Sprint Special, equipped with its engine 4 cylinders developing 100 horses and showing the magnificent lines of Bertone. Assembled the end of 1960 and the factory exit on January 23rd, 1961, our Giulietta SS was sold new in Switzerland in Mars 1961 by " Societa per he(it) Commercio dei Prodotti Alfa Romeo " of Lugano and presented in a livery Gardenia White.

This desirable SS will have known only three owners and will have stayed in the hands of the first owner during almost 30 years before being acquired by the second who decide to restore it totally. The current owner purchased it a few years ago. Completely restored in "bodysuit-off" about twenty years ago by establishments Carugati, for an amount of 105 ' 000 CHF it appears in an exceptional condition today. Vehicle was preserved according to the rule book by its current owner. This Alfa is also in a perfect functioning condition. Although the vehicle is no more matching color, it has kept same matching number along the years, and its mechanics does not seem to have suffered the years.

Its starting up was immediately made, and the vehicle had no problem to go up the banister of release in its garage and under cold conditions. The slow motion is held without shock and the engine does not suffocateduring the relaxation of cold gases even with engaged Chock.

The seats and the whole inside do not seem absolutely polished, the bay engine is of a sensational cleanliness although the vehicle is not used anymore by its owner. showing a little more 92 ' 000 kilometers in the meter, it appears that the car would have only traveled about ten thousand kilometers since its restoration, explaining the so beautiful condition presented by this magnificent Italian design. It is certain that few copies are in such a presentation, in particular for a vehicle having been restored a few years ago.