HISTORY: As copied from Autoscout24 webpage advertisement August 2023

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS Sprint Speciale is a special appearance. The many beautiful style details make this sports car a work of art on wheels. The design was guaranteed by Bertone, who succeeded in creating an exceptionally beautiful two-seater sports car. Only 1366 were produced in the years 1959 - 1966 and good copies are hard to find. The sound of the 1300 cc four-cylinder engine adds to the fun this car brings to driving. The Alfa has a five-speed manual transmission. The steering is very precise and evokes sports associations. The red paint color is a must with this charming Alfa Romeo. The special louvres in the bonnet, the windscreen windscreen, the doors without window frames, the remarkable rear light, wherever you look, the car continues to amaze. This example has always been cherished by its owners and is in very good condition. The leather interior is in very good condition. It is a great opportunity for the Alfa collector.