They are becoming increasingly rare, but that makes them even more exciting: barn finds. Special cars that have simply been forgotten as Sleeping Beauty under the cobwebs. We kissed a 1964 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale awake. Buongiorno, bella signorina!

Sleeping beauty, that's how you can call the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale with its beautiful, elegant lines. She slept in one place continuously for 42 years. The current owners no longer have the time and energy to give the beautiful Italian beauty a second life. The special model saw the light of day in 1963 and this copy was born the following year. As one of only 1400 units made in a four-year period. This car made the sun shine as it rolled out of the factory gates in its white flamboyant creation. Anyone who could look inside saw that the interior was finished in stylish blue leather.

The Sprint Speciale, codenamed 101.21 among enthusiasts, was ordered by a German. He picked up the coupé in 1965 and drove it through Berlin for years. At some point the honeymoon was apparently over, because then the car was painted red. A color that we often see on the Giulia Sprint Speciale and that looks extremely good on the model. Even now, despite the thin layer of dust over the sloping bodywork. A passionate color, warm and loving.

In a barn in the east of the country, the red body details creep out from under the canvas. The Giulia Sprint Speciale is under a warm blanket. Once tucked under for a short sleep, but now we are 42 years further. Around the Italian one are large boxes and crates, an old cupboard, a second restoration project in the form of an orange Peugeot 304 Cabriolet and some tools. The partially visible chrome bumpers have rust blisters and the dried-out front tire has a big gash in the cheek. To get a good look at the car, we move some stuff. Carefully, of course, because despite the fact that the rust monster has clearly struck in certain places, we would like to keep the body dent-free.

Standing under the canvas you can already see some beautiful details of the Alfa Giulia Sprint Speciale. Like the sweet, overhanging snout with its round light units and the large wheel arches. Curious about the overall condition, we carefully remove the blanket from the car and what we see is amazing. Of course the tears well up in your eyes, whether you're a fan of Alfas or cars in general. What a beautiful model, regardless of the condition. The drawing of master designer Bertone, with numerous valuable and timeless designs to his name. This beauty shines in all its glory and almost glows in the old, dark, former pig barn.

This sleeping beauty shines despite not seeing direct daylight for four decades. Even rust has shown respect, it seems, because while she is not in concours condition, she is not an Alfa Romeo that is not worth a second life. The owners would like to revive the Giulia Sprint Speciale themselves, but unfortunately that is not possible. When they saw the Italian for the first time, it was love at first sight. That was in 1978, when they drove past a car dealership in a German city. The lady looked into the showroom from the passenger seat and caught a glimpse of what she thought was a beautiful and special car. She immediately asked her husband to turn around.

He entered the car dealership, looking for that nice car. A short time later he came outside and informed his wife that the sale had been completed and that the Alfa Romeo was going to the Netherlands that same day. The lady drove back with the cheerful front of the Giulia Sprint Speciale in her rear-view mirror. Arriving home, the Italian was put in the shed .

As it turns out, for 42 years. It is now time for a second life and the beauty is waiting for a loving buyer.