HISTORY: As copied from the AutoScout webpage April 2023

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Special 1600 An absolute rarity and a uniquely beautiful appearance: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale – Giulia SS for short, exudes beauty and exclusivity! The model was announced in 1963 as the successor to the Giulietta Sprint Speciale. And although the external differences were (fortunately) small, the Giulia made a lot of technical progress. This also applies to this beautiful example, which has undergone a body-off restoration in the past and has always been well maintained. The car is of German origin and comes with matching numbers, front disc brakes and extensive (service) documentation. Although the Alfa Giulia Sprint Speciale 1600 is in superb optical and technical condition, there is enough patina to see that this is a car with history. That's how we like to see it at Prins! History The Alfa Romeo Giulia SS is a classic with a great wow factor. This is partly due to the aerodynamic design, but also to the accessibility: no more than 1,400 of this version have been produced worldwide. This means that an opportunity to own one will not come easily. Let alone in a condition like this! The Sprint Speciale adventure started at the Turin Motor Show in 1957: the first 101 examples were as homologation model and had a 750 SS designation. In March 1963, the Giulia SS as successor to the Giulietta SS was presented at the Geneva show. The more mature name owes the Giulia in particular to the larger 1600 engine. About 2 years after the model launch, our classic Alfa was delivered new in Germany, followed by an adventure in the United States owned by Mr. Elliot. It would take until 1991 before the Italian ended up in Dutch hands. Thanks to a professional body-off restoration in the past, the Alfa Giulia Sprint Speciale 1600 has lost none of its originality. Documentation on the restoration process and maintenance is included. Even the correspondence with the 1st American owner is included!

exterior We can imagine that there was also a lot of talk about the design of the beautiful classic: with an ultra-low CW value of 0.28, the aerodynamics turned out to be just as efficient as those of the Chevrolet Corvette C6. For more than 20 years, no manufacturer could match this! The Bertone bodywork is free of rust, has correct panel fittings and contains beautiful sheet metal. The silver-grey paintwork underlines the timeless character of Tipo 101.21, as the Giulia SS was also called internally. The striking low nose, steeply sloping roofline and upward kink behind the doors give the Alfa Romeo an appearance that is as powerful as it is streamlined. The front wheel arch edges are also particularly elegant, which have been extended like a pen line far into the screens. The fairing shape at the rear even resembles the aerodynamic philosophies of the engineers of the Scuderia Ferrari F1 at the moment. Combined with the chic chrome, one thing is certain: we will keep looking at this Giulia Sprint Speciale! Interior The originality also shines on the inside. The dark blue leather interior is neatly cared for and has no traces of rashness anywhere. At the same time you get a good dose of patina as a gift. An ideal mix of the perfect story! The leather dashboard was only available for the Alfa Giulia SS 1600, something its predecessor had to miss. The rear seat of this copy is visibly none or hardly used and even the radio is completely original! Technology Then the biggest change compared to the Giuletta Sprint Speciale: the technology. On board the Giulia, the capacity of the 4-cylinder grew to 1,570 cc. Our 1600 is very healthy and has twin Weber 40 DCOE2 carburetors, good for an output of 112 hp. Most Giulia SS models had front disc brakes, including this one. Not a superfluous luxury with a top speed of approximately 200 km / h ... A gearbox overhaul explains the smooth operation of the manual 5-speed gearbox, without play. The differential has also been completely overhauled. Only original Alfa Romeo parts have been used for maintenance and you can feel it. Our classic drives just as great as it looks! Come quickly for a taste or test drive at Prins, while this dream car is still available...