The life of this car begins on September 20, 1956, the day of its production, with the number 194: this Giulietta Spider is an experimental car, born in Celeste color and taken from the experience department (S.E.S., Special Experience Service) for internal use, in order to test and test the nascent “Veloce”, transforming it to all effects into a “Spider Veloce”, one of the oldest still in existence, as reported in the house's certificate of origin.

After a couple of years of experimentation both on the engine with the aforementioned specifications, and on the transmission, the car was registered: on 30 June 1958 it received the first number plate - Milan -, headed directly to Alfa Romeo and was used for another year for testing. , before being sold on 24 April 1959 to Mr. Antonio Ettore Fossati from Triuggio (MI), a gentleman driver who raced around the Portello house with the Giulietta Sprint, who kept it for ten years.

The second owner bought the car on May 17, 1969 and transferred the car to Rimini (with its new license plate, Forlì), keeping it for a further 10 years before taking possession of the current property 43 years ago, precisely from January 16, 1979.

During the first two years, the parent company replaced the original equipment engine, probably just for tests and trials, also installing the new gearbox with "Porsche-system" synchro which became standard in the mid-'58. When the car was purchased in 1979, the Celeste color had already been hidden by the classic red, which is still maintained today: before the 90s when the passionate collector began to do some in-depth studies on the origin of his Giulietta Spider. , he did not know neither the singular history nor the first color of the car, which today constitutes a plus.

In terms of finishes, the car has the characteristics of the first examples: smooth seats with contrasting edges, door panels mounted with visible screws and the absence of the deflector.

Car well known among lovers of the brand, appeared in books and registered with the RIAR as well as approved by ASI. Visible by appointment in Cesena.