HISTORY: (as copied from the Craigslist advertisment September 23, 2022

I've owned this car for 38 years. In 1984 when I bought it, it was fitted with a 750 series 1300 normale engine and split case 4 speed when the engine burned some valves I managed to install a 112 series 1600 engine from a 1965 TI with it's 5speed and drove it with a crunchy 2nd gear until 1992 when the clutch failed. At that time I put the car in planed non-operation status, storing it indoors in San Francisco for 10 years and indoors in the delta for 20 years. During this time I was able to collect most of the parts that were needed to return the car to veloce status.

This car suffered a collision that damaged the passenger side and exposed previous bondo repair work [under a black repaint over orig black]. on the left side of the nose from the center of the grill opening and including the opening beneath the eyebrow and the passenger side headlight area. There is also some damage on the bottom of the nose panel from running over something. There is a little rust under the bondo and on the floor underneath and behind the seat. the metal is still sound . I don't find rust anywhere else.

This alfa was built during the "interim" period with 750 series seat mount spacing it has 750 seats with all the hardware. The back of the "interim" top is bolted to the top side of the body in front of the trunk hinges and is always visable. The top fabric is torn and worn out the frame is in good condition and has most of the special shouldered fasteners. The car has 4 borrani wheels with tires that hold air and it's original veloce electric fuel pump system that always worked when I used the car. It also has the special velcoe 8000 rpm tack and 140 mph speedo and it's original veloce 410 rear axle with the special lightened axel shafts the original bumpers and trim pieces are included. this car still has the 1600 motor and 5 speed that I installed after 30 years the motor is frozen .

The sale includes, a Certificate of Origin {birth certificate}from Centro Documentazoni Alfa Romeo

A 101 series 4 speed split case trans.

A 106 series 1300 cc veloce engine {that turns freely} from a 1961 car with it's original veloce oil pan. flywheel clutch and pressure plate, an unidentified distributer ,four motor mounts all different, veloce headers, veloce intake manifold with weber 40 dcoe2 carbs the correct intake plenum box and the firewall mounted veloce air filter box. the head with this engine is a 101 series 1300 cc normale head with cams embossed 106 0320. a normale cam cover with normale cam cover nuts and a set of veloce cam cover nuts

I have the clean California title in my name since 1984 and pno documents from 1992 till present. Offered locally prior to international offering