No previous owners or history on this car other than what is listed on the Marreyt webpage. Image credit to Marreyt Classics 2022.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider has to be one of Alfa Romeo's most elegant 'open' appearances of all time. A graceful and pure design by Pinin-farina, combined with Italian technological sophistication. But the Spider is not only graceful: it also has a sporty side!

The Spider went through some major changes in 1959. The so-called '705' chassis was no longer used, but the renewed type '101' frame instead. This extended the wheelbase by about 2 inches, which improved road holding.

This change was necessary, however, because the Spider Veloce was presented in the same year.

An extra sporty, lightweight version, in which the 1300 cc, 4-cylinder engine was fitted with double Weber carburettors, sharper camshafts, high compression pistons, etc. This increased the power by more than 10 hp, while the weight decreased by about 70 kg compared to the 'normal' Spider. The Veloce thereby certainly lives up to its name.

This specific Veloce Spider 'Tipo 10107' was executed in the stylish 'Bianco Spino' colour, in combination with a red interior. Both the paintwork and the interior are in an exceptionally beautiful condition. That’s not surprising, as the car was completely restored a few years ago.

This is one of only 30 units produced in 1961. Looking for something even rarer? Then we have to inform you that this specific car is equipped with a Pininfarina hardtop! A combination that is almost rarer than a winning lotto ticket … Are you the lucky winner?