Found on Leboncoin June 2022
History as copied from the webpage on Leboncoin

superb and rare alfa Romeo guilietta speedy spider, short chassis, slightly upgradable km, 90,000 km, specific model produced less than 100 copies. usa)....drives regularly, no corrosion, 100: reliable, everything has either been redone or checked in the rules! new exhaust, electronic distributor, radiator, carb redone, spark plug, oil change, axles, tank emptied and protected, brake redone, paint where it needed it to preserve it in its original state as much as possible. it is reliable and travels all distances without worries. not a leak!! a few small defects on the bodywork but it is at its age. Many Invoices to support, history of 1959.matching, hood ok, collection registration in my name, very very lively engine beyond 3000 rpm!! its magnificent,.price.72.000 with all its parts and weber dc03 carbs very very rare!!! Price below the rating, see other announcement veloce..Thank you