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As copied from the Retromobile listing on the web January 26, 2022
French title
Chassis n°1493-03338
Engine n°1315-30273
- Rare, lightweight version
- Fully restored, sold with original engine block
- Eligible for the Mille Miglia

This Alfa Romeo represents the most developed version of the Sprint that Alfa offered. Only a few hundred examples were built of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce Allegerita, characterised by its stripped-out interior with opening panels and narrow bumpers in aluminium. In addition, the doors were fitted with sliding plexiglass windows for maximum weight saving. The small 1300cc engine, fed by two horizontal twin-choke Weber carburettors, featured a cold air intake, specific overhead cams, higher compression ratio and compartmentalised sump. In this configuration, the four cylinders produced 90 bhp at 6500 rpm.

In 2012, in original condition, the car underwent a full restoration. A new engine block was installed to conserve the original block that will be supplied with the car. It is the perfect machine for taking part in the Mille Miglia, enjoyable to drive, consistent and powerful. This stunning automobile has plenty of other plus points to its name, too. It was acquired new in 1957 by Jean Dieudonné, father of the famous Belgian driver, Pierre Dieudonné. In the April-May 2000 edition of Automobiles Classiques, the Belgian champion test-drove the car that he had known as a child. In a moving article " Ma Giulietta ", Pierre Dieudonné combined technical details with childhood memories. He recalled that his father had had cushions made so that he and his two sisters could sit in the back for short trips. He also remembered his father's distraught face when Paul Frère, the fastest journalist of the day, took the wheel, ! " Holding on as tight as I could, I saw my father tense as we approached the corner to a large roundabout on the road leading to the airport at what seemed like an impossible speed. "

Later on, to celebrate the end of his school days, Pierre and his father took off to Italy to visit the Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari factories, organised with the help of Paul Frère. Pierre Dieudonné confided that it was in this Alfa Romeo that he had his first race-driving lessons on the Zolder circuit. During the 1980s, Pierre Dieudonné set about restoring this little Alfa, that had covered 120 000 km.

This Sprint Veloce Allegerita (accompanied by its restoration file and period documents) has regained its splendour and is ready to compete with style in the best international events.Estimation 200 000 - 250 000 €