Hello everyone. I have just purchased a 1962 Guilietta Spider Veloce that has been sitting in a shed for the last 30 years. The previous owner told me that the car was purchased by him in 1974 in Bellevue Washington and brought into Canada in 1979. I also own a 1971 MGB which I enjoy, so when this opportunity came up to own a classic Alfa Spider, I literally jumped at the chance. It was covered in a layer of dust so thick you could barely see the paint color. I had since cleaned it up a bit to see what I have to work with. The car looks to have good bones and it seems to be a true Veloce. The stamped engine number also begins with 00106 to match the hood tag. i know parts are extremely hard to come by and am right now diving into the learning to determine just how difficult and how much $$$ it will cost to restore this car to it's former glory. Let me know what you think. Comments will be appreciated. Cheers Dean