PREVIOUS OWNERS: Giuseppi Arcangeli, Howard West, Bruce McGilivary, unknown, Giuseppi Arcangeli
HISTORY: As taken from webmail 02/2021

Dear Mr. Boles,
Thank you for interest in my Alfa Giulia Spider 1600 veloce.

This car has a very nice story: it was given to my mum in 1965 as a present for her university degree from her adoptive parents. Her stepfather was an English Lord who owned the Carrara marble caves. She grew up in a wealthy family. As it used to be in the past, she was promised to a doctor. In the meanwhile, she started working as an english teacher in a school in Carrara, where she met my father who was attending the last year of school. They fell in love. It was September. She was disinherited and only allowed to keep her car. In december my parents got married. In july 1966 my brother was born. In order to manage to survive (my father didn’t work yet, she only worked as a supply teacher), they decided to sell the car. When they did, my father promised he would buy her her car back one day.

He maintained his promise more than 40 years later, finding the same car in the south of Italy. The car had been brought in the States and then sold in Italy. (This is why the licence plate is newer).

I hope you enjoyed to read my car’s romantic story.

As you can imagine, it is with much pain that I took the decision to sell it. my father passed away last september, and so did my mum 8 years ago. I can’t afford to maintain it as an old lady should be kept.

I gladly send you the frame number. If you have any news about the car please let me know.