HISTORY: (as copied from the web page advertisement February 1, 2021)

Year of manufacture 1965
Mileage 1 600 mi / 2 575 km
Car type Coupé
Chassis number AR381229
Engine number AR00421*01286*
Drive LHD
Condition Restored
Exterior brand colour PPG BLACK #95084
Interior colour Red
Interior type Leather
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 2
Exterior colour Black
Gearbox Manual
Performance 145 BHP / 148 PS / 109 kW
Drivetrain 2wd

This car was first sold in California and used by the original owner in the Bay Area until put in storage in 1975 where it remained until February 2017 when it was purchased by Smiekel and restored. The restoration is photo documented starting with the disassembly of the very original SS and includes the mechanical rebuild and the rotisserie paint job and final assembly.

Everything on the car is original but restored as needed. It is one of the last Giulia SS built with the 1600 engine and 5-speed transmission. We enlarged the engine to @1700 cc which is common today. We also used higher compression pistons and cams that give good mid-range power for street use rather than high-end racing versions. Every mechanical part on the car was addressed and in some cases improved for reliability; alternator that looks like a generator but works better, dual brake master for safety, suspension changes that improve handling without giving a harsher ride, more insulation for a quieter ride, larger Pirelli CN-36 tires that add to the handling capabilities of the car, and many more small but important features. The car has around 1500 break-in miles on it and everything works beautifully.