HISTORY: (as copied from Ebay

Up for sale is a rare and extremely original 101-Series 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce - simply one of the most desirable postwar Alfas in phenomenal original condition. The Giulia Spider Veloce had it all - the 1600 engine, hotter cams and Weber carbs, 5-speed transmission, and front disc brakes, along what what is (to me, anyhow) the prettiest version of the Giulietta/Giulia Spiders, with the larger taillights and fake hood scoop. It's probably easiest to tell you what's NOT wrong with this car, compared to most you'll see - that is, IF you ever see one, as there were only 1,090 Veloces made in 1964-65. For one thing, it is a super-clean rot-free car - I'd go so far as to say completely rust-free, except for a series of tiny bubbles in the driver's side rocker, just forward of the rear wheel (see pic). That's about as close to rust-free as these cars ever get, and in any event will be easily repaired. Other than that, the car wears most of it's original paint, and there is no evidence of any major damage ever. I even took a photo inside the nose, to show that it has never had a major hit there. Even the battery tray still wears it's original paint, and is completely intact (down to the original rubber liner) and in excellent shape. The trunk floor had just a few minor spots of surface rust (see pic), and is in excellent condition (even the trunk mat is in decent shape).

The car also still retains it's original seat upholstery, door panels, and carpet - I'd probably plan on replacing the carpet, but you might be able to repair a couple of minor tears in the seats and re-stuff them with new foam, which is falling out. The dash cover is shot, but nice reproductions are available. More important are virtually irreplaceable things like an outstanding original steering wheel with no cracks or chips, and a center hub emblem that is uncracked, and not discolored. No rot visible in the floors. The top is old and will need replacement. Plan on replating the bumpers and grille, though other items (such as the taillight housings, headlight trim rings, and the hood and trunk hinges) are in very nice shape. One eyebrow is not present in the pics, but I have it - just needs its mounting studs reattached, which is not unusual. The original grille is undamaged, and will be perfect once replated. There is a minor dent in the right rear quarter (see pic), and in the past the car had a dent pulled and filled in the driver's side door (looks like it was pretty minor). There is also a spot several inches long along the right side rear edge of the hood opening, where someone in the distant past apparently tried to fill a small dent (maybe they dropped something on the car?). I though I had a pic of this, but don't - look in the first front 3/4 view, and you'll see a whitish spot in the area I'm talking about. At this point, some grayish filler in this spot has cracked and failed. This and the driver's side door and front fender are the only places where the car looks to have ever had any paintwork - the rest is original, though faded to an orangish shade of red (as opposed to the bright Italian Red it had when new). The mileage on the car is 79,314 and is believed to be original (and the title so states), though I can't guarantee it for sure on a car this old. But looking at the very clean chassis, it is believable - and is also supported by mileage in the 50,000-range in the early 1970s on some service stickers on the door jamb. Tires are of course shot, and the brakes don't work - it will obviously need a complete rebuild of the braking system for safety. Hub caps are tired, and best replaced with repros.

Mechanically, I believe the car to be 100% complete (I didn't include a pic of everything like, say, the transmission, because one Alfa trans looks pretty much like the next!). The engine and transmission are obviously out of the car, and the engine is disassembled (the head and cam cover are just sitting on the block). The original Veloce block had a crack in one of the main bearing areas when I got the car, and was number AR00121 01702. I will include a beautiful Veloce block numbered AR00121 01752, or only 50 numbers off from the original. Since these engines were not matched to the chassis number, I considered it to be essentially as correct as it needs to be. Check out the pic of the inside of this block to see how incredibly free of corrosion it is - yet another thing NOT wrong with this car. Heads for 1600 Alfas are pretty hard to come by, and I had a great corrosion-free, unwarped head that was missing cam caps - my solution was to take it to Centerline Alfa in Colorado, who had the head line-bored with the new caps (no other head work was done yet). Should be quite useable, but no guarantees on the work. I will include an extra 1600 head, that had some corrosion (not from this car) and a slight bit of warp, but which could probably be repaired if needed. Also included are a nice used set of the correct #101210320000 Veloce cams, a pair of the correct 40 DCOE 2 Weber carbs in phenomenal shape, and all the other hard-to-find Veloce bits - oil pan, engine mounts, headers, etc. The following new parts will be included for the engine: a set of new 1600 Normale pistons and liners, and a set of OEM Alfa tappet buckets. The valves were tossed when the head work was done, so you'll need to buy new ones there. I could go on...even things like the original distributor (might even be original plus wires - not sure!), are super nice, right down to its ID tag. But I think you get the idea.

I bought this car in Southern California, and brought it to Arizona in 1996 (I still have a clear Arizona title in my name on it). My plans were to rebuild the engine, repaint the body, and replace the top, but otherwise try to retain as much of the car's originality as possible. It has the the potential to be one of the best Giulia Spider Veloces in existence, and you better buy it now before I lose my resolve to sell! But the car deserves to go to someone who will finish it properly, and I have far too many other projects going. My reserve is very fair for a car of this quality, and you'd probably ultimately spend far more trying to revive an old rusty or incomplete one. That said, I'm not interested in giving it away, and this is NOT a panic sale - so serious bidders only need bother. If you have questions about the car, call me evenings at (575) 522-4919 MST. THE FINE PRINT: While I believe this car to be all there, I make no guarantee that it is 100% complete. I have other rare and new parts available for it (including an extra 1600 Veloce block and a set of NOS Giulia Veloce cams), which may be offered to the buyer of this car at EXTRA COST. Note that the extra engine visible in back in one of the pics is definitely NOT INCLUDED in the sale of this vehicle. A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $1000 will be due by PayPal within 48 hours of the sale of this auction. Please note that if you do not complete the sale for any reason, you lose ALL of this deposit. That is intended to cover my expenses in relisting the car, paying for more storage, and general aggravation. Full payment will be expected at the time you pick up the car, or before if you have someone else pick it up for you. The balance can be paid in cash on delivery, or by a cashier's check certified by a U.S. bank - however, you MUST allow time for this check to clear prior to pickup, due to the number of bogus cashier's checks out there. Full payment will be required within 14 days of the end of the auction, or I have the right to cancel the sale an relist the car, unless we agree to other terms prior to the end of the auction. Hope you understand, but if these terms are not acceptable to you then please do not bid on this car.

The car MUST be moved no later than February 21, 2009, or you will be liable for additional storage charges of $75 per month until the car is moved. This car is sold without any warrantly or guarantees whatsoever, and buyer will assume all liability for it. The car is sold strictly in "as-is" condition, for delivery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. Buyer is also responsible for any and all fees to transfer the title, registration, sales tax, duties, shipping, and any other costs or fees. It will be up to the buyer to make all arrangements for shipping and delivery. THIS IS REALLY A GREAT GIULIA SPIDER VELOCE, AND FOR THE SERIOUS COLLECTOR - DON'T MISS IT, BECAUSE YOU WILL LOOK LONG AND HARD TO FIND ANOTHER ONE THIS GOOD! )