HISTORY: (as copied from Hemmings Motor News advertisement 12/2020

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, 30328
VIN #: AR 101200683
Mileage: 85,277
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Good
Exterior: Alfa Red
Interior: White/Red
Seller’s Description: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta,

According to the Alfa Romeo Documentation Center, Marco Fazio, this Guilietta Sprint Speciale completed manufacture on the 3rd of May 1961, and was purchased on the same day in Verona Italy. Designed by the renowned Designer Franco Scaglione, and built by Carrozziere Bertone, the original exterior colour is stated as Alfa Red. It is one of 1366 produced in the Guilietta series, fitted with the Veloce engine. The engine number is AR00102*00503 and is mated to a 5 speed transmission. The current owner has receipts documenting Engine, Transmission, and Brakes being rebuilt in the past 6 years by a well known Alfa mechanic. Various other parts were rebuilt or replaced during that period, including the Gauges rebuilt by Palo Alto Speedometer.

Driving this car is very exhilerating. The slick aerodynamics, 0.28 Cd, creates low wind noise, so you can hear that wonderful Alfa note. The very large brakes fitted from the factory translate into quick, confident, straight stops. The butter box transmission shifts effortlessly, no popping out of gears is present. The charging and electrical system works properly, and a no spill, no maintenance AGM battery is on board. The ride is smooth, and steering is quick, as a true vintage Italian sports car should be. The car is well suited for long weekend getaways to the mountains or coast, Grand Touring in the best of style. You can be confident you will have the most unique car present when you arrive.

Price: $115,000