(from the Craigslist advertisement October 16, 2020)
"I have an old Alfa 750 Veloce Spider I've decided to sell to open up some space in my garage. The car is rough, disassembled, and incomplete. I can sell the body alone for $5k or body with parts, whatever. My garage is overflowing, I work outside the US several months a year and I don't have the time or inclination to do another restoration. The 1958 is a real 750 Veloce, body is rough but restorable- floors are decent, needs rockers and general metal work (ex-race car). Depending on the price, I have a 750F engine complete with DCO3s, manifolds, etc plus tunnel case gearbox, and correct Veloce rear axle to go with it. No bumpers, no seats, but a lot of other stuff. Time for someone else to have some fun with this project.""
The incomplete (mostly there) car I have for sale is 1495 F 03894, original engine 1315 31084 from underhood plate, now with engine 1315 31312 (the stamp on this latter engine makes it seem like replacement block, as the stamping is slightly different that the factory characters. Dunno. I have had it for about 25 years. All engine details (head thickness, covers, etc etc are consistently Veloce spec and it has correctly/consistently numbered DCO3s, manifold, etc). Tunnel case 4 speed car.