HISTORY: (as copied from the AGUTTES auction web pate March 2020)

80,000 - 120,000 EURResult: 106,500 EUR
Superb presentation
Rare and exclusive model, line of timeless grace
Effective, aesthetically, mechanically or sporty

Chassis number: AR00121 * 381006
Engine number AR00121 * 01084 *
French registration card

At the end of the 1950s, amateur pilots can no longer be satisfied with the Giulietta Sprint and Alfa Romeo then offers the Sprint Speciale, whose bold and streamlined line is signed Franco Scaglione, for Bertone. Its low Cx works wonders and, with the engine of the Giulietta Sprint Veloce, it approaches 200 km / h. The car accompanies the evolution of the range and receives in 1963 the 1600 engine of the Giulia, which brings to the driving more torque and comfort.

The production of these exclusive models remains very limited, with a total of 1,366 copies. Acquired by the current owner in 2005, this Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale was fully restored from its purchase from a healthy and complete car between November 2005 and October 2007. Originally red, the car was finally repainted in the Sky Blue shade, one of the most emblematic vintage colors at Alfa Romeo. The entire body is disassembled, the parts to be changed are cut and replaced. Nearly 15 years later, the car is still just as beautiful, proof of the quality of the work done despite the 20,000 km driven at the wheel during international tourist rallies and club rides.

Mechanically, the car has its original engine, which has been slightly prepared. Without transforming the behavior of the car, it is more lively during acceleration and the sound of the engine is more exciting! Just lift the hood to admire the most beautiful 4-cylinder double overhead camshaft in history, with its short horns, its Weber 40 DCOE 2 and its 4-in-1 exhaust manifold, the car sings ... As beautiful inside, the interior is made of blue leather and alcantara. The icing on the cake is that the car will be handed over to its new owner with the album of its restoration and its manual for the period. It is a very beautiful copy of one of the most desirable and elegant versions of the Giulia, mixing style,