History: The car was first registered on 01.July,1966. The last owner lives near Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. He bought the car for $1250 in 1983. The car had 91,000 miles and was in a bad condition and the engine did not run. The original colour was white with red interior. During resoration the car was painted blue. In 1987 the car was sold for $2750 to an Alfa collector in Florida. The car was sold on for export and a German company called "End" brought it into Germany on 21.02.1991. A car collector bought the car for nearly $ 12,000 and just kept it in storage, waiting for further price increases. In Jan 2000 he had to sell and I bought it for $ 3,000. The car was in a very bad shape and almost everything had to be restored/renewed. In November 2000 it assed the German inspection and got German licence plates. In Jan 2001 we moved to Argentina. The car is finished and in a terrific state. I drive it almost every week and enjoy it a lot! My aim is to keep driving it for anothe! r 30 years.